Nominating Committee Report

CAMWS Nominating Committee Report


In the 2019-20 year the Nominating Committee considered nominations for the position of President-Elect (2020-21) and Member-at-Large (2020-23). The Committee solicited nominations from the membership in the autumn of 2019 and began its discussion of candidates in December. The committee considered a total of 14 nominations for President-Elect (7 women and 7 men) and 7 nominations for Member-at-Large (4 women and 3 men).

For the position of President-Elect, the committee puts forward to the membership Prof. Hunter Gardner (University of South Carolina).

For the position of Member-at-Large, the committee puts forward to the membership Dr. Kristin Lord (Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada).

Both candidates have expressed their willingness to serve in the roles, for which the committee is grateful.

I would like to thank all members of the Nominating Committee for their hard work in soliciting and considering nominations: Monica S. Cyrino, Nandini B. Pandey, Thomas Sienkewicz, Anise K. Strong, Steven L. Tuck, Angeliki Tzanetou, and Jonathan P. Zarecki.

Respectfully submitted,
Andrew Faulkner