2020 History Committee Report

Report of the History Committee



The History Committee consists of Ippokratis Kantzios, Theodora Barbara Kopestonsky, Mary Jean McNamara, Krishni S. Burns, Brian M. Duvick, Robyn M. Rocklein, Samuel L. Kindrick, podcaster, and Thomas J. Sienkewicz, ex officio. The Chair is Ward Briggs, ex officio as Historian.


Observant members will notice that the Committee has expanded geometrically from the three members permitted by Article II of the Committee’s charter. This expansion was made necessary by the addition of our podcaster and the need for additional help with the CAMWSCorps interviews. We have suggested that our charter be amended to read “…at least three members…”. That change was to be ratified at the Birmingham meeting.

At the 2019 meeting the Committee supervised the recruiting, interviewing, and recording of thirteen senior members of the profession for the CAMWSCorps project. For the 2020 meeting we had agreements with twelve members. We are considering conducting those interviews over the year on Skype. The Project now has a total of 116 recordings of interviews conducted by graduate students. The interviews are posted on the CAMWS website but are currently password protected.  We remain very grateful to the students for their invaluable help.

We have also begun the process of transcribing the interviews. The tedious and time-consuming job of transcription is tedious, but it will be of value to researchers. The process is being carried on by volunteers from the Committee.

The last podcast was taped in April 2019. We look forward to fresh podcasts in the future.

                                                                  Respectfully Submitted,

                                                                   Ward Briggs, Historian