2020 GSIC Report

Graduate Student Issues Committee 2019-2020 Report

Over the past year, the Graduate Student Issues Committee (GSIC) fulfilled its core commitments while maintaining the changes made the previous year.

Over the summer, GSIC welcomed Bartolo Natoli (Randolph-Macon College) as the new CAMWS liaison. As a former member of the committee, his presence has been greatly appreciated. Samuel Hahn (University of Colorado Boulder) served as committee chair for a second year and has thereby concluded his term; the committee is meeting in the coming weeks to appoint a new chair. E. L. Meszaros (Brown University) managed the blog for a second year, adding 9 new posts since the 2019 meeting in Lincoln, NE. Sara Hales-Brittain (University of Iowa) oversaw the Facebook page for a second year as well, increasing the follower count to over 100 with her consistent posts. Sarah Keith (University of Michigan) and Chad Uhl (University of Kansas) also served as committee members. No new members joined GSIC during the 2019-2020 academic year; the committee is planning to recruit at least 2-3 new members for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Despite the cancelation of the 2020 meeting in Birmingham, AL, GSIC is still offering a workshop on inclusive and accessible course design (organized by Sarah Keith) and as well as a panel on public scholarship (organized by E. L. Meszaros) at the virtual meeting. GSIC will also be holding an online round table so that graduate students can meet current members, learn about the committee, and share their concerns with peers.

Respectfully submitted,

Samual Hahn