CAMWS Statement on Racism and Responsibility

The Classical Association of the Middle West and South welcomes all who are interested in the study of classical antiquity, regardless of their national origin, race, gender, or identity. CAMWS is dedicated to providing an open, safe, supportive environment in which everyone is treated with fairness and understanding and allowed to thrive. We, the members of the CAMWS Executive Committee, unite with our colleagues from other classical associations (such as the Society for Classical Studies, the American Classical League, and the Archaeological Institute of America) and condemn the racially motivated injustices in Georgia, Minneapolis, New York’s Central Park, and elsewhere. These incidents are disturbing and reprehensible. We have no tolerance for discrimination or acts of hate, whether within our Classics community or elsewhere, and we encourage robust, respectful dialogue. As scholars, teachers, and students, we have a responsibility not only to shine a light on past and present wrongs in the world, but also to draw on our experience, and the experiences of the ancients, to try to right them.

Approved by the CAMWS Executive Committee on June 4, 2020