Social Media Report 2020

Social Media Report
submitted by E.L. Mexzaros

Since volunteering with CAMWS social media, our Twitter followers have increased to more than 1,500. Our instagram account was created and has gained ~150 followers. During the last month, a period that overlapped with the virtual CAMWS meeting of 2020, our Twitter account averaged 1,100 impressions per day, with rates substantially higher (upwards of 6,000) during the meeting itself. Our Facebook page saw 450 page views, with our posts reaching 923 people. All of our social media reaches primarily people ages 25-44, skewing toward the 25-34 range.

Going forward, I intend to continue to build our audience through regular posting (which I do not feel comfortable with doing during this time of unrest and protest), but also through creating a consistent style/aesthetic across our social media accounts. This is particularly important for Instagram, which requires images for posts, but also for other accounts where posts with images/text tend to perform better than just links.