CAMWS Teacher Training Initiative Partnership Program

CAMWS invites applications for a new program that supports partnerships between K-12 schools and colleges/universities. Our goal is that the partnership will work in one of three ways:

          a.  K-12 Classics teachers, especially those certified to teach Latin, would be invited to visit college/university campuses and speak with Classics undergraduates about the rewards of K-12 teaching.

          b.  College/university Classics faculty or undergraduate Classics majors, particularly those in programs that offer Latin teaching certification, would be invited to visit K-12 schools and speak with students about the rewards of majoring in Classics and of becoming certified to teach Latin in K-12 schools.

          c.   K-12 Classics teachers, especially those certified to teach Latin, would be invited to serve as mentors for undergraduate Classics majors interested in a K-12 teaching career.

The maximum amount per award is $250. Of that amount, $100 is an honorarium for the visitor/mentor and up to $150 is available for travel and other expenses (such as refreshments, certificates, or instructional materials). Funds will be paid after the event or interaction has taken place, upon receipt of a brief report on the event or interaction. No more than two partnerships will be funded each year.

Applications for funds to support any of these activities should be sent to the CAMWS Committee for the Promotion of Latin and Greek. The application itself should consist of two parts: 

a. A one-page plan for outreach (K-12 to college/university, college/university to K-12) or mentorship including assurance that the visitor/mentor as well as those visited/mentored have agreed to take part. At least one member of the partnership must be a current CAMWS member

b. A brief budget.

The application deadline is February 1.

Use this link to submit the application in the body of an e-mail or as an attachment (preferred).


2021-2022 Recipient

Robert Groves, Associate Professor, University of Arizona