Christine Sleeper

From Linda Montross at  the National Latin Exam:

With heavy heart it falls to me to let my Latin teacher friends from all over the country know that Christine Sleeper has passed on to the Elysian Fields. She was my friend since 1970 when she began her FCPS teaching career at Herndon High School; she was a Founding Mother of the National Latin Exam in 1976, and continued actively as a member of the Writing Committee until her move to New Hampshire in 2010. This picture was taken at the last ACL Institute she attended in Los Angeles at Loyola in 2009. Her mottoes were Carpe Diem! Labor Omnia Vincit! Gaude!; the last was also her car's license plate! Her family published a book about her most wonderful life in 2009. The following quote from Christine appears in the chapter on teaching: "Mine has been a lifelong love affair with Latin. It is a vibrant, multifaceted subject. When you teach Latin, you teach about life--about philosophy, mythology, language and derivatives. You learn about ancient times and ancient thought. If you know how things were before, you know what's good about today. If you've had Latin, you're a better writer; a better speaker, and a better person." Among Christine's many honors were Virginia's Distinguished Foreign Language Teacher of the Year in 1980, the APA Exellence in Pre-Collegiate Teaching award in 1999, and ACL Merita Award in 2002. Requiescas in pace, mea amica carissima!
September 20, 1916-February 15, 2015...98 years young!


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