Ursus Latin Program

"Thirty-four elementary school students in grades 2-5 participated in the 2015 Ursus Summer Latin Program June 15-18 at Riverbend High School. This program teaches students about the Latin language and the culture and civilization of the ancient Greeks and Romans through readings, presentations, and large variety of hands-on activities and projects. Highlights from this year’s camp include making and painting Greek vases from clay, creating theatrical masks and acting in mythological skits, making edible mosaics and Roman temples, a visit from members of Legio XX (a Roman legion reenacting group in Northern Virginia), a Roman banquet, and guest lecturers from the Virginia Governor’s Latin Academy. The program was organized and run entirely by Latin students from Riverbend High School along with volunteers from Chancellor High School and Ni River Middle School. Grace McIntire and Kendall Kin were the directors and Mark Keith the sponsor for this year’s program, which is in its third year."