Resolutions for the 2015 Meeting

WHEREAS we Scodalitates of CAMWS, whether flying high or driving on the fumes, came forth without Sisyphean effort to the fine Home Rule Municipality of Boulder for the fourth time in the history of our august association, in the Civitas Centesimi Anni, home of Molly Brown from the Titanic, John Denver, the famed Stanley Hotel and Stephen King’s The Shining, Mork and Mindy, fifteen craft breweries, the naked pumpkin run on Halloween, the Cruiser Ride, and xeriscaped container gardens, not to mention the Escoffier Culinary Institute and Naropa University,

WHEREAS we, on a Rocky Mountain High (thanks to our orator, James May), and doing nil sine numine, have come to the only city on the planet where people bake at four twenty, the same number as the most important holiday, arriving at the largest CAMWS ever, with 589 registrations and counting, 415 individual papers, 6 panels, 4 workshops, 12 round tables, plus an Ascanius Institute,

WHEREAS we did not find ourselves between a rock and a hard place, nor did we use the Flatirons to press our banquet clothes, but rather found ourselves within walking distance of food and shopping, where we were treated like proconsuls and not pedarii,

WHEREAS we were treated to all types of edibles by the Millennium Labyrinth, where we spent our few idle hours in the Bubble of the Rocky Mountain Tennis Center, only to find no grass on the floor, all the while carving up the Italian peninsula alongside the American Association for Italian Studies,

WHEREAS we walked or were shuttled, but were never buffaloed, into the University of Colorado, home of  Nobel laureates and the famed Economics Institute where two current heads of state, Tsakiagiin Elbegdorj and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, are counted as alumni; illustrious creator of the Bose-Einstein condensate and the FluChip, the Squid server (not the kind we eat), and the first zero-waste sports stadium,

WHEREAS faculty, staff, and students of said university let their light shine by opening up the stadium club and humanities building for us during their own holiday,

WHEREAS we members and friends of CAMWS, hotter than Colorado chili seasoning with its nom de plume, the Cannabis And Marijuana Weed Society, devoured eight archaeology and art history panels, with secundae mensae on all things Latin, Greek, and pedagogical,

WHEREAS John Miller’s introduction at the banquet set us on the path to Olympian heights, and Provost Russell Moore regaled us with a greeting worthy of Galen, by showing us how George Norlin, one of our own, held off the bisons of the Ku Klux Klan and warned about Hitler, all while running the Colorado University for two decades,

WHEREAS we did not eat our Table Mesa at the banquet, but rather a choice of chicken, tilapia, ravioli, or strudel, and a mountain of delights for dessert,

WHEREAS we have taken great pleasure in the pedagogy and first book awards, to Beth Severy-Hoven and Jackie Elliott, respectively; many student and teaching prizes; the special service awards to Adam Blistein and Rebecca Crown; and ovationes to Joy J. King, Roger Macfarlane, and Amy Sommer; and a theory theory, which we have some ideas about, that described the minds of Homer, Vergil, and maybe even Ruth Scodel,

BE IT RESOLVED that we thank Tom Sienkewicz and Jevanie Gillen for resolving all the problems that come from well over a cohort of Classicists piling Pelion on Ossa, and Ossa on Pelion,

BE IT RESOLVED that we offer our great appreciation to the local organizing committee for bearing up under an avalanche of responsibilities, and to Annie Booth,  for musical offerings Apollonian and Dionysian,

BE IT RESOLVED that we thank the University of Michigan Press, Bolchazy-Carducci Press, the National Latin Exam, the Department of Classics of the University of Colorado, and the Classics Department at Macalester College for keeping us from eating the cattle of Helios during breaks,

BE IT RESOLVED that we express our gratitude to the Women’s Classical Caucus, the Committee for the Promotion of Latin, the Graduate Student Issues Committee, and  the Vergilian Society for satisfying our munchies and our minds,

BE IT RESOLVED that we give thanks to the Millennium Harvest House for their generous hospitality, and also the Marriott and the Days Inn for their xenia and chariots,

BE IT RESOLVED, last but by no means least, that we acknowledge the sacrifices of the Office of the Provost of the University of the University of Colorado, Boulder, as well as those of John Gibert and Barbara Hill, and their cohorts and phalanxes of students and staff, and of the Choregos and Head Dance Caller, Ruth Scodel,

BE IT RESOLVED that we will reconvene next year as burgesses in historic Williamsburg, not having to choose between Antony and the Augustakes.

Geoffrey Bakewell
Sandy Blakely
Angeline Chiu
Kris Fletcher
Kristin Lord
Kirk Sanders