CPLG Outstanding Vice-President Awards

The following CAMWS vice presidents have been recognized for their outstanding service in promoting Latin and Greek:


2021: Christopher Trinacty (Ohio Valley Region) and Bram L. Ten Berge (Michigan)

2020: Christopher Craig (Upper South Region) and Lisa Ellison (North Carolina)

2019: T. Davina McClain (Gulf Region) and John Hansen (Oklahoma)

2018: Marcia Lindgren (Plains Region) and Garrett Jacobsen (Ohio)

2017: Osman Umurhan (Rocky Mountain Region) and Amy Leonard (Georgia)

​2016: Stacie Rauccie (At-Large Region) and Marcie Handler (Kentucky)

2015: Lorenzo Garcia (Rocky Mountain Region) and Jared Copeland (Arizona)

2014: Hunter Gardner (Southeast Region) and Keyne Chesire (North Carolina)