​ 2016 CPL Outstanding State & Regional CAMWS Vice-President Awards

Dr. Marcie Handler (Covington Latin School) earned this year's Outstanding State Vice-President Award for taking the initiative to contact the Kentucky Board of Education and to bring the lack of alternative certification paths for Latin teachers in the state to the board's attention. The State's Board of Education currently recognizes only one institution to certify new high school Latin teachers. This circumstance may be regarded as a possible hindrance and obstacle to the future of Classics in Kentucky. Thank you for your leadership and initiative, Marcie!

Dr. Stacie Raucci (Union College) earned this year's Outstanding Regional Vice-President Award for reaching out to each member of her constituency (At-Large Region) in the attempt to strengthen the ties between CAMWS and classicists outside CAMWS territory. According to her own report, she sent out over 350 emails. Thank you for taking the time for doing this, Stacie!