Audio from the Banquet at the 112th CAMWS Meeting

Listen to audio from the banquet: 

Welcome (Monica Cyrino, University of New Mexico) : 

Welcome (Michael R. Halleran, College of William and Mary, Provost): 

Response (Alden Smith, Baylor University): 

Pre-Dinner Announcements (Monica Cyrino, Univeristy of New Mexico): 


Introduction (Herbert Benario, Emory University): 
Ovatio 1: 
Ovatio 2: 
Ovatio 3: 

Special Service Awards: 

Special Service Award 1: 
Special Service Award 2: 
Special Service Award 3: 

Presidential Address: 

Introduction (Monica Cyrino, University of New Mexico): 
"Visualizing Epic" (Antony Augoustakis, University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana): 

Parting Remarks (Monica Cyrnio, University of New Mexico)