Fieldwork 2016: Hannah Maddy

Hannah Maddy, an undergraduate majoring in Classical Civilization at the University of Richmond, shows some of the most developed preparation and initiation we have seen in the award applications to date.  She has already shown a determination to combine philology, archaeology and digital technologies  in a research project conducted in summer 2015 with an Undergraduate Arts and Sciences fellowship from University of Richmond. Hannah used Volume 4 of CIL to create a database of all graffiti found in Pompeii and Herculaneum in poetic meter. Of the 247 she found, she narrowed the selection to 90 carmina epigraphica, studied their locations, and created a digital map on ArcGIS of their locations. This provided the foundation for her senior thesis on the importance of studying ancient graffiti in location to learn more about Roman epigraphic culture and literacy. CAMWS award gives Hannah the opportunity to visit and work in the place where her materials originated: we are delighted to enable this next step in her professional preparation. Here is a news release from the Univeristy of Richmond.