Anthology in Honor of James Ruebel

A group of  students at Ball State University are organizing an anthology in memory of Jim Ruebel to which  members of CAMWS are invited to contribute. Here is the invitation:

Though the Honors House will never be the same without such a remarkable man, his legacy will continue to live on through the achievements and future endeavors of those who were impacted by his wit, brilliance, and humor. We, as a collection of students who had the privilege of being in Dr. Ruebel's class, want to solidify his memory in a lasting, substantial way.


In order to keep Dr. Ruebel's story alive, we are asking for personal submissions to collect and publish into an anthology. This is your opportunity to share a story, personal connection, or even lesson that you have gained from knowing Dr. Ruebel. These submissions will then be published and printed as a surprise gift for the Ruebel family.


You can create a work of art, write a poem or narrative, submit photographs -- the more personal and creative the better! We will accept any medium, just so long as there can be an image or scan of the item created to be put into the anthology.  Please, when replying to one of our editors, include what type of submission you created. If you choose to submit a scan or image of a physical piece of art, please include a brief artists statement. For written works, please keep it to less than 1,500 words.


Include with your submission:

  • Your name
  • Class/year of graduation (if applicable)
  • Relationship with Dr. Ruebel (i.e. Student, Colleague, Friend...)


Deadline:  January 1, 2017

Please note that after submitting, our team will review your submission and contact you if edits are noted. Then, you will have one week to make any changes you wish. Unless something substantial needs tweaked, you have the option of submitting the original and ignoring edit suggestions.

All submissions and questions can be sent to either Julia Robben at or Olivia Smith at .

We are looking forward to receiving your stories and memories and welcome you to submit anything you feel will help contribute to this personal memorial. Feel free to also contact us with any and all concerns and questions you might have.



Brittany Mayfield

Student Editor and PR for anthology submissions


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