Summer field opportunities in museum field studies and experimental ethnoarchaeology in Transylvania (Romania)

Summer field opportunities in museum field studies and experimental ethnoarchaeology in Transylvania (Romania) – see attached flier or visit for more information. 

Our field museum studies/museology workshop is designed to offer our participants the opportunity to explore and experience aspects of the evolution of traditional crafts and technologies through their theoretical, ethnographic and practical dimensions. The workshop is a museum studies and archaeological program which is meant to be both experimental and experiential. For the purpose of this project, we bring together archaeologists, museologists and craftsmen in order to recreate actual objects found in excavations, using Late Iron Age, Imperial Roman and medieval techniques and technologies. Our core experimental modules will focus on two transformational pyrotechnologies, metal and ceramics; and several aspect of woodwork, ranging from architectural to practical and decorative. Our participants will make the intellectual and phenomenological journey from the academic, to the experimental and to the experiential, culminating in building and hosting an exhibit.

This exhibit will be an ultimate synthesis of their museum experience, highlighting the process of artifact creation and providing artifact biographies. Our participants will also be integrated into the presentation as living embodiment of the experienced artifacts, illustrating their path of discovery and immersion into historical culture and processes. As such, they will interact with several categories of individuals, ranging from journalists to local visitors and, possibly, a school group. The entire process should result in a fully active participatory museum learning experience. As part of the final exhibit, the participants will maintain a blog of their experiences as well as creating a short documentary of about 5 minutes presenting their path of discovery of the various core modules.

Museum Field Studies, Ethnoarchaeology and Traditional Crafts Workshop

Dates: June 4-July 1, 2017

Location: Rapolt, Hunedoara County, Transylvania (Romania)
Remarks: several study/field trips are part of the project to the ASTRA Open Air Ethnographic Museum (Sibiu), Dacian and Roman Civilization Museum (Deva) and, time permitting, Corvin Castle Museum (Hunedoara) and a Daco-Roman historical reenactment festival.

Please note that all our projects are designed as an intensive hands-on programs and, as such, are open to both credit students and non-credit participants. For more information on this program, see attached brochures or visit

Andre Gonciar
Director - ArchaeoTek


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