Online Summer Medieval Latin Course

Online Summer Latin Course

LATN 470 Medieval Latin for Teachers (3 credits)

This online course shows how the Latin language and genres of writing such as legends, biographies, letters, and poetry developed during the period 500-1500 CE, following the fall of Rome in 476 CE.  Thus it provides continuity from the study of ancient Roman culture, prose, and poetry, which spread throughout the empire, was preserved in manuscripts and printed books, and developed in new forms.  The course includes reading and translation, an introduction to paleography or handwriting styles in manuscripts, and lesson plans for teaching.  It is designed especially for students planning to teach or teachers seeking certification credits in Latin. 


1) Gain understanding of the differences between Classical and Medieval Latin;
2) Expand knowledge of genres of writing and their cultures in the Middle Ages;
3) Practice reading a variety of styles of Medieval Latin;
4) Explore the development of handwriting from Roman capitals to later hands, from inscriptions to manuscripts;
5) Develop lessons for teaching in a high school classroom.

Prerequisites:  Latin 201 (Intermediate I) or equivalent.

Dates Offered:  Summer 2017, for six weeks, June 12-July 21, as an online course. 

Enrollment Limit:  15


Elza C. Tiner, Professor of Latin & English, teaches in the Modern and Classical Languages and English Departments at Lynchburg College, where she has been developing the General Education and Minor programs in Latin since 2007. She received her M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in Medieval Studies from the University of Toronto and the Licentiate degree in Mediaeval Studies from the Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies, Toronto, where she has also been a Visiting Fellow, Summers 2012-2014 and 2017 for research on Latin textual traditions. Her research interests include Latin textual traditions that have contributed to the development of today‚Äôs professions.   

In 2012 she received the James A. Huston Award for Excellence in Scholarship and in 2014 the Shirley E. Rosser Award for Excellence in Teaching at Lynchburg College. For 2016-2019, she has been appointed a Faculty Fellow at the Teaching and Learning Center, Lynchburg College. In October 2016 she was named Employee of the Month for the School of Humanities & Social Sciences, Lynchburg College, for her work in developing the Latin program. 

For More Information:

For application and admission information please contact the Lynchburg College Office of Enrollment Services, 434.544.8300. For information about summer tuition, please contact the Student Accounts Office, or Tonya Huslack at 434.544.8217.

Dr. Elza C. Tiner (

Professor of Latin & English
School of Humanities & Social Sciences
Lynchburg College
Lynchburg, VA 24501


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