Ohio University Greek in Greece Program

After a seven-year hiatus, the Ohio University Department of Classics and World Religions this summer will again offer its Greek in Greece program (Greek in Greece 2.0, if you will). Those familiar with the program that we offered beginning in the 1990s will recall that we required at least one year of prior study of ancient Greek and an interest in learning some modern Greek to go with it. That has not changed in the program's redesign. But as a result of our recent collaborations with our outstanding colleagues at the University of Patras, a bit of the pedagogy and a great deal of the circumstantial arrangements are new. Please click on the link for further information: www.ohio.edu/global/goglobal/programs/upload/Announcement-of-GinG-to-Classics-departments.pdf. Please note that we will begin reviewing applications on February 20.    


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