Chicago Classical Academy

Chicago Classical Academy is a prospective K-12 classical charter school set to open in the fall of 2018. We are looking for a passionate and energetic school leader to join the team. Please take a look at the key facts below.

Key facts:

  • A prospective K-12 classical charter school, Chicago's first

  • Enrolling K-5 in the fall of 2018 (pending approval) and growing one grade per year

  • Greater South Loop location; easily accessible, fast-growing and vibrant family-oriented neighborhood

  • As a charter school, ChiClassical will be tuition-free and open enrollment

  • Traditional classical approach emphasizing the centrality of the liberal arts within a language-driven, highly structured model, supported by a strong civics component and character development

About Chicago Classical Academy

In the fall of 2018, Chicago Classical Academy, the first K-12 classical charter school in the city, will open in the greater South Loop neighborhood of Chicago. ChiClassical will launch with elementary grades K-5 and will be adding one grade per year until it’s a full K-12 campus. ChiClassical believes that all students benefit from a rich, time-tested curriculum. With open enrollment, it will offer the benefits of a classical education to everyone in the city. Chicago needs a school model that develops independent, thoughtful, engaged and compassionate citizens. The classical approach is well-positioned to do so through its unique focus on both method and content. ChiClassical leverages a student’s developmental stages and appropriately teaches the mastery of basic content (grammar), development of abstract thought (logic), and the art of expression (rhetoric). The success of other urban classical schools in New York, Savannah, Phoenix, and Nashville (among others) demonstrates the incredible progress that can be made by students of all backgrounds and abilities. We know Chicago kids, when taught right and well, can compete. Chicago Classical Academy will give them the education to do so.

If you know of anyone that would be interested, please pass this along. 
And if you want to learn more about the school - I would be happy to schedule a call!
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