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Dear Friend of Paideia,

I am thrilled to introduce to you Paideia's new publication, In Medias Resa magazine for lovers of the Classics, with John Byron Kuhner as its Editor in Chief. In Medias Res will be a forum for all things classical, with contributions from Paideia's faculty and community members. We've already begun a number of regular columns you might be interested in reading about or contributing to: 

  • need texts for Latin (or Greek) karaoke? Find them in our Carmina Convivalia column.
  • want to read something more in-depth? Each month our Features column will provide long-form essays on Classics and culture (this month: John Kuhner's take on Dickens and the Classics
  • dreaming about a "traveller, from an antique land"? Our Loci in Locis column, written by Paideia's Rome Fellows and edited by Meaghan Carley, merges Classic texts with Classic sites.
  • want to find out about Classical-Cultural goings-on? Look to our Reviews column for information about books, movies, and exhibitions (this week: Amy Garland's "Hannibal on Houston Street")
  • looking to get better at Latin? Mike Fontaine is bringing his Hack Your Latin column over to In Medias Res. 

But all in all, the best place to start is with John Kuhner's welcoming editorial, which explains what we're hoping to achieve.  And we really are just getting started - look for columns about Greek, teaching, even parenting - anything related to the Classics - to be launched soon. For all this we'll be needing more writers, so we also invite you to write for In Medias Res. 

With all our best hopes for a great 2018,

Ex animo,

Jason Pedicone


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