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FIEC International Federation of Associations of Classical Studies


FIEC, of which CAMWS is a member, includes on its website (  a blog ( designed “to foster mutual knowledge between affiliated associations and to give worldwide visibility to main news/data dealing with Classica Studies, provided that they are actually significant and of general interest (job opportunities, calls for proposals, major events….). The idea is to facilitate information of what’s going on with Classical Studies in each county."

"Until recently, data posted on the blog has been for the most part picked up on association websites, with the risk of missing out on important news and not disseminating on time. Therefore, in order to get more information, and to make this blog as up to date and as relevant as possible, FIEC asked for the help and collaboration of representatives of the member societies. They would be very grateful if you could send them, on a regular basis, a selection of important news likely to interst the FieC community and beyond. Data should be sent both to Christine Reitz ( and to her student Konrad Loebcke ("

Here is recent post on the blog of particular interest to CAMWS members:








lden Smith of Baylor University is CAMWS’ representative to FIEC. Contact him for further information about this organization.


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