CAMWS Orators

William C. Korfmacher, St. Louis University, 1950, 1952, 1955—1961, 1966*

Norman J.  DeWitt, Washington University, 1951

Bruno Meinecke, University of Michigan, 1962—1965

Paul L. MacKendrick, University of Wisconsin, 1967—1969

Edward L.  Bassett, University of Chicago, 1970—1972

Joseph M.  Conant, Emory University, 1973

Arthur F.  Stocker, University of Virginia, 1974-1985**

Herbert W. Benario, Emory University, 1986—1989, 1992—2001

Alexander G. McKay, McMaster University, 1990-1991

James M. May, St. Olaf College, 2002-2017***

David J. White, Baylor University, 2018-

*Korfmacher was President in 1952, and evidently presented the ovationes in that capacity.  There were none in 1953 and 1954. For 1957, the following notation is recorded:

Ovationes pro consuetudine societatis collegis bene merentibus oblatae. (CJ 52, 255)

**In 1981, Stocker himself was honored with an ovatio, prepared by Edward E. Best, University of Georgia.

***In 2004 James May was awarded a special ovatio at the Plenary Session entitled "Celebration of the CAMWS Centennial". It was delivered by Christopher Craig of the University of Tennessee.

A history of CAMWS oratory by Herbert W. Benario, originally published in the 2004 Centennial program, is available here