Appendix B

Appendix B




This is a very effective tool often used to introduce programs into schools or even school districts. Flyers extolling the virtues of Latin, reprints of data showing the benefits of Latin, and open letters in praise of Classics have all been mailed to parents, teachers, principals, and even administrators at the state and local levels. CPL can help with duplicating costs and postage.


CPL regularly pays for all postage, telephone, and photocopying costs incurred by its State and Regional Vice-Presidents and members of the CPL Committee. A special line item (Vice-Presidents' Expenses) in the CAMWS budget is set up to handle these requests.


Where appropriate, funds can be used to sponsor Latin festivals or participation in foreign language festivals.


On certain occasions, speakers can be brought in to address well-attended meetings, rallies, and the like for students of Classics. CPL can contribute a maximum of $300.00 for such speakers. Priority is given, in this and in all activities, to those initiative for which local funding will supplement the grant from CPL. Know in advance whom you are inviting: Regional Vice-Presidents and the Chair of CPL are, in most cases, the best speakers to help increase local interest and to talk about ways of promoting Latin. It should be noted, however, that even in these cases speakers are considered a 'low priority' in the awarding of CPL funds.


Various sorts of demonstrations ranging from production of Latin plays at meetings to displays in malls, schools, and PTA Meetings have all been funded. Films can also be rented in situations in which showing them would encourage the study of Latin. Funds to offset the production of a video plays and events that could be offered in turn for use by Classicists throughout the CAMWS territory have been granted in recent years.


CPL Funds can help organize and support state-wide contests that will encourage the study of Latin. These contests can be in translation, creative writing, or essay writing.


In states where it would otherwise be impossible, CPL sometimes supports the costs of a newsletter for a year or two. After that time, it is expected that the state/provincial Classical association or some other local group will fund the continuation of the newsletter.


Advertisements may be purchased to promote any of the activities listed above.


CPL has funded Roman car washes, 10K toga runs, displays of Roman cooking in shopping malls, production of placemats with Latin theme, and brochures for new Classics programs at the college and university level. Any activity that brings Latin to the attention of a larger audience is at least eligible for consideration.

REMEMBER--The people out there in the classrooms & and they are the ones with the really great ideas & have to know that CPL is ready to help! Get the word out to them!