Resolutions Committee Charter

Classical Association of the Middle West and South

Resolutions Committee Charter


This document sets forth the duties and responsibilities and governs the operations of the Resolutions Committee (“Committee”) of the Classical Association of the Middle West and South (“CAMWS”).


I.  Purpose

The Committee’s sole purpose is sale multo urbem defricere.  Put differently, the Committee shall, unless the gods or heroes prevent, draft and then present viva voce at the Annual Business Meeting of CAMWS a list of Resolutions for the assembled membership’s consideration and approval.  Said Resolutions shall be limited in neither topic nor scope, but range from the quotidian to Quintilian, touching upon the mores (and ancestry) of the Meeting’s sponsors, the intellectual and corporeal pleasures there afforded, relevant prodigia, other annalistic material, κτλ.  Whereas the Business Meeting occurs obscenely early on the last day of the Annual Meeting, all such Resolutions are to be edifying, entertaining, and resolute.  Αἰσχρολογία is optional.


II.  Membership

The Committee shall ordinarily consist of six members, all of whom shall be personally extraordinary, rather than Ordinarii (unless the express written consent of Herb Benario be first obtained).  Minimum sentencing guidelines call for the President of CAMWS to appoint said six to staggered three-year terms.  Incorrigible punsters, palindromists, and other recidivists may be subject to summary reappointment. 


III.  Governance

The Committee is governed by a Chair appointed from its ranks by the President of CAMWS.  The Chair shall strive to ensure that the Committee simultaneously:  worship Aristophanes as its Muse; recognize Plautus and Juvenal as its ἱεροποιοί; practice παρρησία; employ ostentatious subjunctives; and speak in iambs where appropriate.


IV.  Meetings

The Committee is to be convened by its Chair at least once a year, ordinarily at the Annual Meeting of CAMWS, and preferably in caupona.  The primary purpose of this meeting is to draft the aforementioned Resolutions; tunc erit bibendum.


V.  Amendment

This charter shall not be amended except upon approval by the Executive Committee of CAMWS. 


Adopted by the Executive Committee a.d. IV ID AUG, Scodele consule.