WHEREAS, driving along old Route 66 and fearful of alien contact, we steered clear of Roswell and took the left turn we should have took to Albuquerque. We went to the casinos, one for each tribe, and with our winnings we bought enough books to fill our glow-in-the-dark nuclear CAMWS backpacks.


WHEREAS we were fully entrapped in the Land of Enchantment, or was it enchanted by the Land of Entrapment. We were buffeted by wind on Wednesday, wind on Thursday, wind on Friday, and, we expect, wind on Saturday. We drank in, along with Silver Eagle Signature Margaritas, 399 papers, 21 panels, 7 workshops, 18 round tables, and 6 Thursday evening events. All the while we were wrapping ourselves in the latest ancient fashions on screen. We learned with Stephen Lekson how to tell our pyramids and palaces from our pueblos.


WHEREAS, eating red and green chilis at Garduño’s, we learned that Christmas means something very different in this state.


WHEREAS the Gathering of the Nations set an example in attendance for one of the biggest CAMWS meetings ever, with 677 registered,


BE IT RESOLVED that we thank the Hotel Albuquerque Old Town for the best xenia since Odysseus stayed at Phaeacia, not to mention the Hotel Chaco and all the others who discounted their rates. Y muchas gracias to all the merchants who gave us 15 per cent off on all their wares. And vico antiquo ipsi, with a sculpture garden fit for Hadrian’s villa at Tivoli, we salute you.


BE IT RESOLVED that to the Lobo Organizing Committee, we will ululate eternal praise. We are grateful to the Veni, Vidi, Chile pack of turquoise-clad students for keeping us on the right track, to FLL and other departments at who piled the Sandias on Ossa to give us a mythical experience, and to Provost Abdallah for bridging science and art. Who could dis-Agard Walter R. Agard after Laura McClure’s timely presidential address?


IN ADDITION, plaudite nostrum oratorem novum doctissimum et quoque cantorem, Davidum Album, qui dulcissime carmen a Familia Perdicum scriptum, “Ostende mihi viam ad Albam Quercum,” cantavit. In so doing, let us not bypass Philip Barnes, Susan Shapiro, and Davina McClain, our recipients of ovationes; or Fernand LaBrunerie (University of Missouri), Evelyn Harris (University of New Mexico), and Donna Zuckerberg (Eidolon), winners of Distinguished Service Awards; or Del Chrol and Mary Pendergraft, honored at this time with SCS teaching awards because, unlike the U.S. Postal Service, snow kept aircraft from their appointed rounds in Boston. We look forward to our inaugural Ruebel Undergraduate Award on Saturday afternoon. And for all the rest, laudandae laudandique are too numerous to mention.


FINALLY, no one can equal the forethought and stamina of our Roadrunners:  Emma Vanderpool, a.k.a, “Atalanta;” Jevanie Gillen, a.k.a, “Athena;” and Tom Sienkewicz, a.k.a, “Judah Ben Hur.”


BE IT RESOLVED that we will leave Albuquerque with  a McClure view of the mountains, to reconvene in 2019, Falconario consule, scilicet Andreio Felice, at the Cornhusker Marriott in Lincoln at the invitation of the University of Nebraska: from corn meal to corn.


April 14, 2018

Luke Gorton

Anne Groton

Kristin Lord

Anatole Mori

Robert White