Suzanne Lye (cont.)

Suzanne Lye (University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill)  has been awarded the Women's Classical Caucus 2020 Leadership Award. She was nominated by the members of the WCC-SCS COVID-19 Emergency Award Selection Committee (Nandini Pandey, Tolly Boatwright, Victoria Pagan) "for her outstanding leadership in initiating the WCC COVID-19 Emergency Relief award; obtaining the support of the SCS, CAMWS, and other institutions; raising funds exceeding $50K to help classicists in need; and simultaneously leading and performing the lion's share of the administrative work associated with the award, including chairing the selection committee, communicating with awardees, drafting letters to donors, liaising with the Society for Classical Studies, and answering individual queries. Volunteering to help distribute a generous but relatively small donation to aid the graduate students in her own department, she ‘scaled up’ what she learned about accessibility, funding, tax implications, and fairness to an international level. We have worked closely with Suzanne throughout this process and have seen up close her tireless dedication to helping North American classics grad students and faculty in need as well as the amazing skill, humanity, and organizational talent she brings to the job. There is no hour of the day or night she won't pick up the phone, write an email, or make a spreadsheet in order to advance this cause. Her extraordinary efforts have materially aided a diverse group of 150+ (and counting!) applicants including women, minorities, first-generation graduate students, and contingent faculty obtain much-needed funds so that they may continue their academic endeavors and remain in the field during this historic crisis. Suzanne has spent countless hours from April through the summer on this effort without any expectation of thanks or recognition. She is generous with her time, selflessly dedicated to service, and represents the ideal recipient of the 2020 WCC Leadership Award."