Teacher Training Initiative Committee (Ad-Hoc)

The chair of this committee can be reached at tti@camws.org.
The Ad-hoc Teacher Training Initiative Committee can be reached at tticommittee@camws.org.

Fanny L. Dolansky

Brock University (ON) 2020 (Chair)

Catherine C. Keane

Washington University in St. Louis (MO) 2020

Thomas Garvey

The Meadows School (NV) 2020

Charles T. Ham

Grand Valley State University (MI) 2020

Benjamin C. Holec

Bishop Ireton High School (VA) 2020
Ginny T. Lindzey Dripping Springs High School (TX)


John F. Miller

University of Virginia 2020

Matthew D. Panciera

Gustavus Adolphus College (MN) 2020

Lauri Reitzammer

University of Colorado Boulder 2020

For further information about this committee,
go to https://camws.org/node/1362