Workshops for CAMWS 2019

Workshops for CAMWS 2019

Beyond the Gloss: A Conversation about Translation in Classics
Laura Moser (University of Iowa), organizer and presider
Echo Smith  (University of Iowa), presenter

Sara Hales-Brittain (University of Iowa), presenter
Hana Aghababian (University of Georgia), presenter
Adrienne K.H. Rose (University of Iowa), presenter

CPL Workshop: Mentoring New Teachers, Promoting the Profession
Keely Lake (Montclair State University), organizer and presider
Rebecca Allen (American Preparatory Academy), presenter
Mark Haynes (Creighton Preparatory High School), presenter
Daniel Stoa (West Des Moines High School), presenter

Critical Digital Classics Pedagogy
Amy Pistone {University of Notre Dame), organizer and presider
Hamish Cameron (Bates College), presenter

GSIC Workshop: Creativity in the Classroom: Strategies for Engaging Undergraduates
Samuel Hahn (University of Colorado Boulder), organizer and presider
Shannon Flynt (Samford University), presenter

NCLG Workshop: Advocacy at All Levels
Keely Lake (Montclair State University), organizer and presenter
Mary Pendergraft (Wake Forest University), presider