2016 Workshops

CAMWS 2016


Achievement Unlocked: The Twice Exceptional Student in the Latin Classroom

Ariel S. Baska (W.T. Woodson High School), organizer and presenter

William E. Hutton (College of William and Mary), presider

Vox Populo: The Risks and Rewards of Public Scholarship

Donna Zuckerberg (Paideia Institute), organizer and presider

Johanna Hanink (Brown University), presenter

James Romm (Bard College), presenter

Dan-el Padilla Peralta (Columbia University), presenter

Helen Morales (University of California at Santa Barbara), presenter

Zachary Herz (Columbia University), presenter


Living Languages: Second Language Acquisition Research, Ancient Texts, and the Latin Classroom

Jason C. Pedicone (Paideia Institute), organizer and presider

Elizabeth Butterworth (Paideia Institute), presenter


Bringing Rome Home:

Collaborative Technologies for Roman Material Culture and History in the Latin Classroom

Genevieve Gessert (American Academy in Rome), organizer and presider

John McCluskey (Fenwick High School), presenter

Crystal Rosenthal (Episcopal School of Dallas), presenter

Jenny Dean (Kingswood Oxford), presenter


GSIC Workshop

Grad to Grad: Support for Current and Future Teaching Assistants

Wesley J. Wood (University of Colorado Boulder), organizer and presider

Stephanie Krause (University of Colorado Boulder), presenter


NCLG Workshop

Supporting and Mentoring New Teachers: A Tirones Project

Mary L. Pendergraft (Wake Forest University), organizer

Keely K. Lake (Wayland Academy), presider

Mary L. Pendergraft (Wake Forest University), presenter

Damian JM. Tremblay (Freedom High School), presenter

Kevin M. Perry (National Cathedral School), presenter

Brent Cavedo (University of Georgia), presenter

Howie Berman (American Council on The Teaching of Foreign Languages), presenter


CPL Workshop

Strangers in a Strange Land: Successful Latin in Urban Schools

Rev. B.A. Gregg (Cleveland School of Science and Medicine), organizer and presenter

Barbara P. Weinlich (University of Montana), presider