CAMWS Annual Meeting Registration Form - Virtual Attendees

Instructions: To register as a virtual attendee for virtual sessions ( at the 118th CAMWS meeting in Winston-Salem, NC., please complete this on-line registration form and then click the "submit" button. After your information has been submitted, you will be given a link to the payment page, where you will have the option of paying registration fees online with a credit card or Paypal account. All online payments for this site are handled by (please do not use this link for payment; please complete the form and use the links at the end of the form) on a secure server. A non-refundable handling fee of $3.00 will be added to your order to cover the fees for this service. For more information about the safety and security of Paypal, please follow this link. When you are finished be sure to print out a copy of your registration form for your records.  You must be registered in order to participate in the meeting.


Step 1 Personal Information

Please indicate whether you would like a pronoun preference to appear on your name tag. For example, "he, him, his", "she, her, hers", or "they, them, theirs".
Please indicate your pronoun preference in the space provided. For example, "he, him, his", "she, her, hers", or "they, them, theirs". This preference will appear on your name tag exactly the way you indicate here.

Step 2: Choose Registration Option

You are registering as a virtual participant.


Step 3 Payment Method

Please pay via PayPal, then click on "Non-refundable handling fee [$3.00]." Then, when you click 'Submit,' you will be taken to a shopping cart showing how many items you requested and one $3 processing fee, with a link for checkout by Paypal. Please note that you are not considered registered until payment is received.

You will receive a confirmation via email after you submit this form. You will also receive a printed receipt at the meeting. If you need more than the email confirmation before the meeting, please email your request to