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Featured CAMWS Members 2018-

CAMWS members are here recognized for their accomplishments.
If you or a colleague have recently received an award or recognition, please let the CAMWS office know.
For CAMWS members featured in 2014-2017, go here.

CAMWS recognizes Tom Hawkins of The Ohio State Universityas a recipient of a CAMWS First Book Prize in 2017 for his book entitled, Iambic Poetics in the Roman Empire (Cambridge University Press, 2016). The citation read for  at the 2017 Business meeting can be read here. Featured January 2017
CAMWS recognizes Mary Pendergraft (l.) of Wake Forest University and E. Del Chrol (r.) of Marshall University as recipients of the 2017 Awards for Excellence in Teaching at the Collegiate Level from the Society for Classical Studies. Their citations can be read here. Featured January 2018
CAMWS recognizes Meghan DiLuzio of Baylor University as a recipient of a 2017 First Book Prize for her book, A Place at the Altar: Priestesses in Republican Rome   (Princeton University Press, 2016). She is pictured here with CAMWS President Alden Smith (r.) and Chair of the First Book Subcommittee Andrew Faulkner (l). Featured January, 2018.