The John Breuker Jr. Award for Exceptional Promise in Latin Teaching

John Breuker Jr. Award for Exceptional Promise in Latin Teaching

The John Breuker Jr. Award for Exceptional Promise in Latin Teaching is granted to secondary-school educators of demonstrated excellence to support their attendance at a group-study tour of their choice, as well as encouraging their ongoing engagement in the professional societies where the collegial networks launched on that tour can enhance their opportunities for further professional growth. This annual grant of $5,000 is intended to cover expenses (including travel) associated with a foreign group-study program, with a preference for Latin studies and Italian experiences. 

John Breuker Jr. spent the majority of his teaching career at Western Reserve Academy, and he recognized the considerable value of shared experiences with professional colleagues in multiple societal networks. This award in his honor aspires to build upon teachers' initial successes, opening additional developmental opportunities while retaining those gifted individuals in their Latin classrooms.

• Applicants shall have:
    - a minimum of three years as CAMWS members
    - three to five years of demonstrated classroom effectiveness 

• Applicants shall submit the following for consideration by the Summer Travel Awards Committee:
    - transcripts for their undergraduate studies and any related graduate coursework
    - letter of recommendation from one of their classics professors regarding their performance and promise while in school 
    - letters of recommendation from two superiors or colleagues with an appreciation of their more recent activities and contributions 
     - statement of self-assessment of their performance and promise, with a discussion of their continuing self-improvement, self-development efforts (max. 500 words)
     - statement of aspiration, discussing the fit of the experience to their situation and their envisioned application of its benefits in their future classrooms and their careers (max. 500 words)
     - identification of their desired program and an itemized projected budget of program costs, including travel expenses 
     - a commitment to providing follow-up feedback to the program

The Application is now available and the deadline is January 30th.