Placement Services

CAMWS does not run its own Placement Service. We cover such a large area, that to do so would duplicate the excellent services offered by the national organizations, the Society for Classical Studies and the American Classical League. The following links should guide you to the proper resources.

Placement Services for Secondary Teachers:

The American Classical League Placement Service is the most comprehensive national resource.

Occasionally Job announcements appear in the CAMWS Newsletter or Announcements pages.

If you interested in a particular state in the CAMWS region (click for a map) look for homepages and/or contacts in the following lists:

  • CAMWS State Organization Homepages
  • Directory of Classics Departments in CAMWS area. This site is unavailable until further notice
  • NCLG list of state placement contacts
  • List of CAMWS State, Provincial and Regional Vice Presidents
  • List of State Supervisors of Foreign Languages
  • The Texas Latin Placement Service seeks to match applicants with Latin teaching positions in public and private schools all over Texas and in nearby states.

If you are interested in a particular region outside of CAMWS, you might consult its homepage:

To find out about requirements for licensure or certification in specific states, consult the National Council of State Supervisors for Languages (NCSSFL)’s webpage For specific questions, contact the State Supervisor for a specific state, which can be found here