The Historian of the Association serves ex-officio as the Chair of the History Committee (Charter: https://camws.org/hist-com-charter) and is responsible each year for arranging and maintaining the Archives of the Association, maintaining a current list of members who are deceased, and continuing the CAMWSCorps project.


The Chair


  1. Periodically requests from the Secretary-Treasurer copies  of significant records of the Association (minutes of executive and full business meetings, important correspondence, and other such documents). All documents remain in the custody of the Secretary-Treasurer, but the chair as Historian selects those that are appropriate to update the history of the association.
  2. Keeps a record of members of the Association who have died and, when warranted, composes memorial notices.
  3. Beginning in late January, circulates to the History Committee a list of potential candidates for interviews for the CAMWSCorps project. From that list and/or from suggestions by the members, the committee selects approximately 10 senior members of the Association as potential interviewees.
  4. In the middle of February contacts the candidates for CAMWSCorps interviews or arranges for another member of the committee to do so.
  5. With the help of the Secretary-Treasurer and the other members of the committee lines up graduate assistants to conduct the interviews, assigns a room in which the interviews can be held, arranges for the proper electronic equipment to be available, and facilitates the actual interviews.
  6. Turns over the recordings of the interviews to the Secretary-Treasurer.
  7. Arranges CAMWSCorps interviews at CAMWS-SS meetings when appropriate.
  8. Submits a written committee report to the Executive Committee in advance of its meeting on the Wednesday prior to the annual CAMWS meeting.
  9. Works with the Secretary-Treasurer to designate the best time and place to hold the yearly Committee meeting at the annual meeting of the Association.
  10. Conducts the business of the meeting. 
  11. Gives an oral committee report to the membership at the annual Business Meeting (or designates another member of the committee to do so).
  12. Reads the necrology list and, when appropriate, memorial notices at the annual Business Meeting (or designates another member of the committee to do so).
  13. Approximately every decade updates the history of the organization.