Membership Committee Chair


The Chair of the Membership Committee (Charter: directs the committee in assisting the Executive Committee in its oversight of CAMWS’s membership, including monitoring annual membership numbers and the membership dues structure. The chair reports the committee’s findings and conclusions to the President, the Secretary-Treasurer, the Executive Committee and, where relevant, other bodies within the organization.

The chair is an ex-officio member of the CAMWS Executive Committee (Charter: Most of the business of the Executive Committee is conducted on line and all members are expected to participate fully in electronic conversations about issues and to cast votes promptly. The Executive Committee also traditionally meets on the Wednesday preceding the annual meeting.

Duties of the Chair

  1. Calls for and oversees votes on all matters to be decided by the Membership Committee.
  2. Arranges for meetings of the Membership Committee, and presides over the Committee Working Lunch at the CAMWS Annual Meeting.
  3. At the beginning of each fiscal year, obtains the membership stastics for the previous Fiscal Year from the Secretary Treasurer, shares this information with the Membership Committee and prepares for the Executive Committee a report and plan of action for the next year
  4. In the lead-up to the Annual Meeting,  obtains updated membership statistics from the Secretary-Treasurer.
  5. In the lead-up to the Annual Meeting, prepares a written report on the current state of CAMWS membership for review by the Executive Committee and the Membership Committee.
  6. At the annual meeting leads the discussion at the meeting of the Membership Committee (typically midday Thursday)
  7. At the annual meeting attends the dinner for Vice-Presidents (typically Thursday evening) in order to encourage the vice preisdents and thank them for their efforts on behalf of recruiting CAMWS members.
  8. Gives an oral committee report to the membership at the annual Business Meeting (or designates another committee member to do so)
  9. Every five years (usually cooinciding with the anticipated beginning of the Secretary-Treasurer's term of office or its renewal), initiates a review of the current dues structure by the committee and presents the committee's recommendations to the Executive Committee in the month of January.