Sample Programs Supported by the Benario Award

Sample Programs Supported by the Benario Award

This is an alphabetical list of programs which have been funded by the Benario Award. This list is intended to be restrictive. Other summer travel programs in the Classical world will be considered by the committee. However, if you are interested in archaeological fieldwork you should apply, instead, for the CAMWS Excavation/Fieldwork Award.

American Academy in Rome
“Summer Epigraphy Program”
Summer Program in Roman Pottery
Howard Comfort, FAAR'29, Summer Program in Roman Pottery
Gabii Summer Program in Digital Documentation of Archaeological Collections

American School for Classical Studies in Athens summer seminars
"Warfare & Culture in Ancient Greece"

British School at Athens
Postgraduate Course in Linear B & Mycenaean Greek
Post-graduate course in Greek Epigraphy

Epigraphische Datenbank, Heidelberg

Foster, Reginald
Aestiva Miluauchiae Latinitas Program
Aestiva Romae Latinitas Program

Gennadius Library Medieval Greek Summer Session

Leiden Summer School in Languages and Linguistics

Paideia Institute
Living Latin Program, Rome
Caesar's Gaul

Ravenna Mosaic School

Scholae Aestivae in Italia 

Scuola Leonardo Language School Rome

St. Andrews University

Schoolteacher Fellowship

University College of London
Summer School in Homer

Vergilian Society Tours
Caesar and Vergil in Italy: a Study Tour for Teachers
Tunisia: Journey to a Magical Land
Gods, Myths and Sanctuaries of Asia Minor
Greeks and Romans in Town and Country
From Neapolis to Apragapolis: The Greco-Roman Bay of Naples
“Tour to Roman Jordan”
"Alexander the Great from Troy to Gordion/Issus"

Viator Seminar in Italy (led by a Classicist)