CAMWS 2020 Workshops

CAMWS 2020 Workshops


Creating a Latin Curriculum through Collaboration

Holly Sypniewski (Millsaps College), organizer and presider

Lindsay Samson (Spellman College), presenter

Halford Haskell (Southwestern University), presenter

Mary Hamil Gilbert (Birmingham Southern University), presenter


Cultivating Translation Skills in Intermediate and Advanced Latin Classes

Jennifer Sheridan Moss (Wayne State University), organizer and presenter

Mary Pendergraft (Wake Forest University), presider

Mary Christine English (Montclair State University), presenter


Harmless Drudgery: The Making of the Tacitus Encyclopedia

Victoria E. Pagán (University of Florida), organizer and presider

Julie Mebane (Indiana University), presenter

Megan Daly (University of Florida), presenter

Brandon Jones (Boston University), presenter

Salvador Bartera (Mississippi State University), presenter

Richard Thomas (Harvard University), presenter


Interrogating the Hidden Curriculum: First Steps for Designing Inclusive and Accessible Courses
(Sponsored by the Graduate Student Issues Committee)

Sarah C. Keith (University of Michigan), organizer and presider
Ellen Cole Lee (University of Pittsburgh), presenter


The Metamorphosis of CPL

Garrett Jacobsen (Denison University), organizer

Christopher Bungard (Butler University), presider
Garrett Jacobsen (Denison University), presenter
Michael Goyette (Eckerd College), presenter


Reproductive Justice in the Classics Classroom

Amy Pistone (Gonzaga University), organizer and presider

Tara Mulder (University of British Columbia), presenter


Salvete, spectatores! Student Productions of Plautus
(Presidential Workshop)

Christopher Bungard (Butler University), organizer

Anne Groton (St. Olaf College), presider

Christopher Bungard (Butler University), presenter

Brent Cavedo (The Westminster Schools), presenter

Martin Shedd (Hendrix College), presenter


Visibility and Advocacy: Specific Steps You Can Take

Mary L. Pendergraft (Wake Forest University), organizer and presenter

Jennifer Sheridan Moss (Wayne State University), presider

Lauren Rogers (Salem Academy), presenter