Refunding Registration Fees for CAMWS 2020

Please use this form to request a refund of registration fees for CAMWS 2020 once you have indicated on this form ( whether or not you intend to participate in Virtual CAMWS 2020.

You have three refund options:

1.) a full refund if you choose not to participate in Virtual CAMWS 2020

2.) a partial refund if you choose to participate in Virtual CAMWS 2020 (In this case the registration fee for Virtual CAMWS will be subtracted from your original refund fees.)

3.) donating the balance of your original registration fee if you choose to participate in Virtual CAMWS 2020. (Anyone making such a donation will be recognized by name in the Summer edition of the CAMWS Newsletter.)

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Please indicate below your intention regarding Virtual CAMWS 2020. Once you have indicated your participation preference, you will receive options regarding a refund for your original registration.
Please indicate below your status for VIRTUAL CAMWS registration.
Please indicate how your check should be addressed and where it should be mailed.
If you would like the check made out to your institution or to another person, please indicate that here. If you are not receiving a refund, please type NONE in the textbook.
Indicate here if you wish to apply for a waiver of your registration fee.
Please use the text box below to explain your reason for applying for this waiver.
Thank you for completing this form. Please use the textbox below if you have any comments or questions.