The chair of this committee can be reached at
The Executive Committee can be reached at

Laura McClure

University of Wisconsin

President (2018), Chair

Andrew Faulkner

University of Waterloo

President Elect (2018)

Alden Smith

Baylor University (TX)

Immediate Past President (2018)

Thomas J. Sienkewicz

Monmouth College (IL)

Secretary-Treasurer (2022)

Antonios C. Augoustakis

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Editor, Classical Journal (2021)

John C. Gruber-Miller

Cornell College (IA)

Editor Teaching Classical Languages (2019)

Timothy S. Heckenlively

Baylor University (TX)

Editor, CAMWS Newsletter (2018)

Keely Lake

Wayland Academy (WI)

Chair, CPL (2019)

Mathias Hanses

Penn State University

Chair, Finance Committee (2020)

Roger T. Macfarlane

Brigham Young University (UT)

Chair, Membership Committee (2018)

Nicoletta Villa-Sella

The Linsly School (WV)

Chair, Steering Committee (2018)

Hunter H. Gardner

University of South Carolina

Member-at-Large (2018)

David Schenker

University of Missouri

Member-at-Large (2019)

Sophie Mills

University of North Carolina at Ashville

Member-at-Large (2020)