CAMWS Manual

CAMWS Manual of Job Descriptions

All terms of office coincide with the CAMWS fiscal year (July 1st -- June 30th).
The following positions are for one year: President-Elect, President, Past President and cannot be renewed for the succeeding year. 
The following positions are for five years (renewable for an additional five years): Editor of The Classical Journal, Editor of Teaching Classical Languages, and the Secretary-Treasurer.
The following positions have variable terms: Delegate to FIEC, Historian, Orator, Photographer. 
All other positions are for three years (renewable for an additional three years). 

At-large Member of the Executive Committee
Bolchazy Pedagogy Book Prize Subcommittee Chair
Book Review Editor for The Classical Journal
CAMWS College Greek Exam Subcommittee Chair

CAMWS Delegate to the Federation of the Societies of Classical Studies (FIEC)
CAMWS Liaison to GSIC Committee
Committee for the Promotion of Latin (CPL) Chair
Development Committee Chair
Editor of Teaching Classical Languages
Editor of The Classical Journal
Excavation and Field School Awards Subcommittee Chair
Finance Committee Chair
First Book Prize Subcommittee Chair
Forum Editor for The Classical Journal
GSIC Committee Chair
History Committee Chair (Historian)
Immediate Past President

Membership Commmittee Chair
Merit Committee Chair (Orator)
Newsletter Editor
Nominating Committee Chair

Program Committee Chair


Regional Vice President
Resolutions Committee Chair
School Awards Subcommittee Chair
Semple Grant Benario Travel Award  Subcommittee Chair
Social Media Director
vincial Vice President
Steering Committee Chair
Stewart Teacher Training and Travel Awards Subcommittee Chair
Subcommittee on Publications Chair

Teaching Awards Subcommittee Chair
Undergraduate Awards Subcommittee Chair

Web Manager

Committee Charters
CAMWS Constitution