Program Committee

The chair of this committee can be reached at
The Program Committee can be reached at

Anne H. Groton

St. Olaf College (MN) President (Chair, ex officio)

Andrew T. Faulkner

University of Waterloo (ON) Past President, ex officio

David J. Schenker

University of Missouri President Elect, ex officio

Zoe Stamatopoulou

Washington University in St. Louis (MO) 2020

Ellen Greene

University of Oklahoma 2020

Amy Pistone

Gonzaga University (WA) 2020

Emma Vanderpool

Trickum Middle School (GA) 2020

Jennifer L. Ferriss-Hill

University of Miami (FL) 2021

Keely K. Lake

Wayne State University (MI) 2021

Vassiliki Panoussi

William & Mary (VA) 2022

Timothy R. Wutrich

Case Western Reserve University (OH) 2022