Steering Committee on Awards and Scholarships

The chairs of nine subcommittees serve ex officio.
The chair of this committee can be reached at
The Steering Committee can be reached at

Lorenzo F. Garcia, Jr.

University of New Mexico

2021 (Chair)

Cynthia K. White

University of Arizona

Bolchazy Pedagogy Book Award

Benjamin M. Wolkow

University of Georgia CAMWS College Greek Exam

Victor M. Martinez

University of Arizona

CAMWS Excavation/Field School Awards

Jennifer L. Larson

Kent State University (OH)

CAMWS First Book Award

Kristen A. Ehrhardt

John Carroll University (OH)

CAMWS Undergraduate Awards

Margaret W. Musgrove
Nick L. Fletcher

University of Central Oklahoma
The Hawken School (OH)

School Awards

Ruth R. Caston

University of Michigan

Stewart Training/Travel Awards

Ariana E. Traill

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Summer Travel Grants
(Semple, Grant, Benario Awards)

Laury A. Ward

Hillsdale College (MI)

Teaching Awards (Kraft and CAMWS)

Thomas J. Sienkewicz

Monmouth College (IL)

Secretary, Treasurer, ex officio