CAMWS Podcaster

CAMWS Podcaster


The CAMWS Podcaster serves as an ex-officio member of the History Committee (Charter: and is responsible for overseeing the CAMWS podcasting project, for creating and uploading podcasts in accordance with a regular schedule, and for maintaining a library of podcasts on the CAMWS website.




1.         Devise and implement a podcasting strategy for CAMWS in consultation with the History Committee, the Executive Committee, and other CAMWS stakeholders.


2.         Create up to 12 podcasts per year, based on a mixture of pre-recorded content (e.g., CAMWSCorps interviews, ovationes, presidential addresses) and live interviews with a variety of CAMWS members (e.g., award-winners, officers, committee chairs, presenters).


3.         Work with the Secretary-Treasurer, the President, and the Historian to fulfill special requests for podcasting (e.g., to advertise upcoming meetings, to invite applications for awards and scholarships, to encourage discussion of important issues, to commemorate the lives of deceased members of the Association).


4.         Maintain a library of podcasts, accessible to the public, on the CAMWS website.


5.         Submit a written annual report to the Executive Committee in advance of its meeting on the Wednesday prior to the CAMWS Annual Meeting.


6.         Attend the CAMWS Annual Meeting and the CAMWS Southern Section Meeting when necessary or desirable to assist in recording content for future podcasts and to meet with the History Committee.


7.         Periodically survey the CAMWS membership to gauge the popularity of the podcasts, evaluate their effectiveness, and determine how the project can best meet its goals.


Approved by the CAMWS Executive Committee, April 2019