Resolutions Committee Chair



The chair of the CAMWS Resolutions Committee is appointed by the CAMWS President from among committee members to lead the committee in writing a speech of thanks for presentation at the annual business meeting of the CAMWS Annual Conference.


Resolutions Committee Charter:


Duties of the Resolution Committee Chair:


Prior to Annual Meeting:

In the week prior to the meeting, the chair should obtain contact information (cell phone numbers) from committee members who are attending the annual meeting.

The chair will request a list of confirmed attendees from the Secretary-Treasurer in the month ahead of the annual meeting.

If the chair is unable to attend the annual meeting, the chair or the President will appoint a chair pro tempore to oversee the duties of the committee during the annual meeting.



The Chair meets with attending members of the committee at the Committees lunch.



During the Friday evening festivities, the Chair should gather the committee in order to write the annual resolutions for presentation the following day.



Present annual resolutions at the CAMWS annual business meeting; this speech of thanks should acknowledge the hosts, sponsors, organizers, and attendees, etc., in a longstanding tradition of humour and good fun. 



The chair, in consultation with the committee, will write a Resolutions Committee Report, based on the speech presented at the annual business meeting. Examples from recent years may be found here:


Here is a version of the chair's responsiblities written in the style of a Report by the Resolutions Committee:




WHEREAS the Secretary-Treasurer of CAMWS has requested a roadmap for the Chairs for all committees (seeing that, representing 32 U.S. states and 3 Canadian provinces, our paths to the Ἐγνατία Ὁδός do not run straight, but rather a mile high and crossing three times at the parallel streets of King and Weber, not to mention that left turn we should have toik at Albukoykee),


BE IT RESOLVED THAT the current Chair of the Resolutions Committee will provide a summary of our timeline and obligations.


The Chair leads the Orphics of CAMWS, who seek out all the best parts of the gathering to thank and charm attendees with beguiling tongues and wicked puns. If the Chair cannot attend the conference, the Chair or the CAMWS Secretary-Treasurer appoints a Chair pro tempore (hereafter, the Chair-ness, or Chair/-ness if one or the other). About a month before our conference, the Chair/-ness receives a Little List of confirmed committee attendees from the Secretary-Treasurer or the Administrative Assistant and confirms their confirmation. Likewise, the Chair/-ness ensures that any newcomers have the Committee Charter, whose relevant portions the should follow, lest the Chair reveal, despite having a Little List, an ignorance of the crimes of Elagabalus and the square of the hypoten- potenuse. The chair also contacts non-attendees, as they may have something to contribute, especially in finding errata et corrigenda after the event (vide infra).


Since our committee works only during the conference and usually at odd hours, during the week before it begins, the chair obtains or otherwise excavates the cell phone numbers of members. First corralling the gang with a sortie at the committee lunch and with a reminder to collect relevant prodigia, the Chair/-ness gathers the committee sub rosa  on Friday night during the nunc est bibendum, resolved, if need be, to compose a paraclausithyron outside locked tricilinia or cauponae, the locations of which (especially if open) the Chair/-ness should know in advance. The Chair/-ness insures that neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night will prevent the Committees from writing its thank-you letter for our Chair/-ness to read at the annual ἐκκλησία (a.k.a., business meeting) for its consideration and approval.


BE IT RESOLVED that the Chair/-ness ensures that the committee will have acknowledged, down to the exiguus mus,  contributions including but not limited to how each meeting of CAMWS has hosts, sponsors, and shopkeepers who vie with Baucis and Philemon for xenia, the most and spiciest panels and papers (way off the Scoville chart: the Chair/-ness will have the numbers), illustrious recipients of ovationes and awards, the best and most organized local organizing committee and students, the finest conference and university facilities (no unctae popinae for us), a book display worthy of the Library of Alexandria (and with coffee, too!), κτλ.


Immediately after the conference, the Chair/-ness will offer gratitude to the Resolutions Committee, not without a reminder to all committee members to have better eyes than head scribes in a scriptorium for errata, corrigenda, et quoque omissiones in our draft report, so that the Chair/-ness can and may insure, in consultation with the Secretary-Treasurer of CAMWS (who in turn will have provided the Chair/-ness a final count of attendees), a flawless paean of thanksgiving for the permanent records of CAMWS, served with a liquamen of mixed metaphors.


Scriptum Waterloo a Kristin Lord in caupona “Stellati Cervi” in bibliopolio “Capita” iuxta quadrivium cardinum Regis et Weberi, a.d. VI ID APR, McClure consule