Agenda of the 113th Annual Business Meeting of CAMWS


Agenda of the 113th Annual Business Meeting of CAMWS


Holiday Inn Kitchener Waterloo Hotel and Conference Center, Kitchener, Ontario
Saturday, April 8, 2017, 8:00-9:15 a.m., Waterloo Salons AB

1. Call to Order – Alden Smith

2. Approval of the Minutes of the March 19, 2016 Business Meeting (posted on-line at

3. Secretary-Treasurer’s Report – Thomas J. Sienkewicz

4. Publications Reports

a. CJ Editor’s Report – Antony Augoustakis                

b. CAMWS Newsletter Editor’s Report – Timothy Heckenlively

c. TCL Editor’s Report – John C. Gruber-Miller

d. Social Media/Website – Sarah Teets

5. Committee Reports

a. Committee for the Promotion of Latin – Keely Lake

b. Development Committee – John Miller

c. Finance Committee – Andromache Karanika

d. Graduate Student Issues Committee – Sarah Keith

e. Membership Committee – Roger T. Macfarlane

f. Nominating Committee – Antony Augoustakis

g. Program Committee and Presidential Award – Alden Smith

h. First Book Award – Andrew Faulkner

i. Bolchazy Pedagogy Book Award –Helena Dettmer

j. School Awards – Krishni Burns for Ryan Sellers and Jason Nethercut

k. Stewart Undergraduate Awards – Sophie Mills

l. Stewart Teacher Training and Travel Awards –Lorenzo Garcia

m. Semple, Grant, and Benario Awards – Andrew Alwine for Ariana E. Traill

n. Excavation/Fieldschool Awards – Douglass Clapp for Sandra Blakely

o. Kraft and CAMWS Teaching Awards – Mary Pendergraft

p. CAMWS Special Service Awards – Nicoletta Villa-Sella

q. History Committee – Anne Groton for Ward W. Briggs

r. Resolutions –Geoffrey W. Bakewell

6. Necrology –Thomas J. Sienkewicz for Ward W. Briggs

7. Old Business

a. Plans for Future CAMWS Meetings – Thomas J. Sienkewicz

b. Plans for Future CAMWS-Southern Section Meetings – David T. White for Davina  McClain

8. New Business

 a. Motion from Membership Committee to create dues category for contingent faculty

9. Announcements

10. Passing of the Gavel and Adjournment –Alden Smith and Laura McClure


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