2020 Abstracts

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Note: 2020 Panels and Workshops are listed separately. 

Title of Paper First Name Middle Initial Last Name School Name Subject Code
Money Talks: Roman Stories in Silver and Bronze Antony L. Hollinsworth Roger Williams University Pedagogy-Classics
Magic and Catharsis in Theocritus' Idyll 2 and Vergil's Aeneid 4 Matthew W. Sherry University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Latin Epic
Prometheus Recharged, in Post-1900 Classical Music and Opera Jon   Solomon University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Reception Studies
Protecting Antiquities in Danger: Sicily and World War 2 (1940-45) Antonino A.C. Crisà Ghent University Archaeology and Art History
A Herodotean Moment in Euripides' Medea Adriana   Brook Lawrence University Greek Drama
Ancient Learner's Latin in the Modern Classroom Evan R.W. Dutmer Culver Academies Pedagogy-Latin
An Elegiac Reading of Lucan's Bellum Civile: The Civil War between Pompey and Caesar as a Rivalry for the Love of Rome Giulio   Celotto University of Virginia Latin Epic
Murder Most Classic: The Influence of Classical Studies on Golden Age Detective Fiction Kenneth   Kitchell University of Massachusetts  Amherst Reception Studies
Gesander's Treatment of Defenseless Priests (Valerius Flaccus' Argonautica 6.294-316) and the Epic Fate of Suppliants Wolfgang   Polleichtner Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen Latin Epic
Botanical Royalty: The Kings in Their Gardens Duane W. Roller The Ohio State University History-Greek
Works, Days, and Divine Influence in Hesiod's Story World Carman   Romano The Ohio State University Religion-Greek
The Letters of Thermouthas, Daughter of Apuleius: The Case of an Extended Family in Roman Philadelphia Susan   Rahyab Hunter College, City University of New York Epigraphy & Papyrology
Grappling With Our American Aeneas: Harry Stillwell Edwards' Eneas Africanus Kristopher   Fletcher Louisiana State University Reception Studies
Status Quo of Latin Vocabulary Learning Andrea L. Stehle BASIS San Antonio Shavano Language and Linguistics
Puppeteering Philosophers: Reexamining the Cave Allegory in Plato's Republic through Modern Advertising Laura S. Santander New York University Greek Prose Texts-Other
The Date of Ephorus' Histories David   Yates Millsaps College Greek Historiography
A Literary-Onomastic Investigation of 'Manliness' in Xenophon's Ephesiaca John N. Genter Baylor University Greek Novel
Penelope's Love Peter M. Dodington Independent Scholar Greek Epic
Wether or Not: Gender and Ovines in the Cyclops' Cave David H. Sick Rhodes College Greek Epic
Passing the Burning Torch: Meleager, Medea, and Achilles' Legacy Jessica   Blum-Sorensen University of San Francisco Latin Epic
Aeschylus' Seven Against Thebes, Probability, and a New Theory of Tragedy Edwin   Wong Independent Scholar Greek Drama
Astronomical Instrumentation and Sociopolitical Philosophy in the De re publica and De natura deorum of Cicero Maria   Americo Saint Peter's University Ancient Philosophy
A Goddess for Runaway Slaves? Feronia and Her Worshippers. Gaia   Gianni Brown University Religion-Roman
Classical Myth and Fantasy in 1970s Animation: Allegro Non Troppo, Metamorphoses and Fantasia Chiara   Sulprizio Vanderbilt University Media Studies
Callirhoe: The Penelopean Helen Christine   Ellis University of New Mexico Greek Novel
Cutting through the Ranks: Volunteer Gladiators and Roman Social Disorder Winston   Franscini University of North Texas History-Roman
Apollo's Gallic Muses? Georgia L. Irby William & Mary Religion-Roman
Becoming Agrippina: Poppaea and Assimilation in the Octavia Meredith D. Prince Auburn University Latin Drama
Allusions to Valerius Flaccus' Argonautica in the Punica of Silius Italicus Tim   Stover Florida State University Latin Epic
Teaching Ancient Greek in the 21st Century Philip S. Peek Bowling Green State University Pedagogy-Greek
Pilate's Wife: An Unproduced Script by Clare Boothe Luce (1951) Christopher M. McDonough University of the South Media Studies
Philosophical Vignettes at Lucretius' De rerum natura 2.1-13 Chris C. Eckerman University of Oregon Latin Poetry-Other
Infobella: How Tacitus and Alex Jones Create Conspiracy through Natural Disaster Meaghan   Murphy Indiana University History-Roman
Teaching Relationships: Modern and Ancient Contexts and Concepts in Ancient Greco-Roman Poetry Kathleen   Burt Middle Georgia State University Pedagogy-Classics
Speech, Power, and Praise in the Homeric Hymn to Demeter Kathryn M. Caliva The Ohio State University Greek Poetry-Other
Orestes at Colonus—Not? (A Study in Intertext and Intermyth) Victor   Castellani University of Denver Greek Drama
Speech Still Kills: Echoes of Juvenal's Satire 1 in Satire 10 David H. J. Larmour Texas Tech University Latin Satire
The Chariot Race on the François Vase Ruth   Scodel University of Michigan Greek Epic
Persuasive Definition in Plato's Phaedrus Robert J. Rabel University of Kentucky Ancient Philosophy
Cydippe Defixa: a Magical Reading of Heroides 21 Grace   Funsten University of Washington Latin Poetry-Other
Anastrophe of Relative Clause Constructions in Cato Tess   Monks University of Richmond Language and Linguistics
Contesting and Asserting Libertas Augusta Nathaniel S. Katz The University of Texas at Austin History-Roman
Voices from Below: An Epigraphic Approach to Teaching Petronius' Satyricon Rhodora G. Vennarucci University of Arknas Pedagogy-Latin
A Recipe for Disaster: Horace, Satires 2.4 and 2.8 Sergio   Yona University of Missouri Latin Satire
The Suppression of the Druids in Caesar's Gallic War Tyler   Creer Brigham Young University History-Roman
Senex in scholas: Twisting a Ciceronian Scenario in Seneca's Controversiae Molly   Pasco-Pranger University of Mississippi Latin Oratory & Rhetoric
Punic Domestic Architecture and Urban Planning: Some Preliminary Findings Max   Huemer University at Buffalo Archaeology and Art History
Sun, Moon, and Cucumbers? The Eternal and the Ephemeral in Praxilla's Hymn to Adonis Celsiana   Warwick University of Iowa Greek Poetry-Other
How to Read History: Echoes of the Future in Sallust's De Coniuratione Catilinae Joseph R. Watkins University of Kentucky Latin Historiography
Developing Role-Playing Games for the Reacting to the Past (RTTP) Curriculum Martha J. Payne Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis Pedagogy-Classics
The Jurist's Nile: Exotic Exemplum? Cynthia J. Bannon Indiana University History-Roman
Themes of The Hymn to Aphrodite and the Dog Star Sirius in Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window Mark W. Padilla Christopher Newport University Reception Studies
(Mis)quoting Euripides: Playing the Language Game with Proverbs in Plato's Republic and Gorgias John R. Tennant Stanford University Greek Prose Texts-Other
Leviter deducens fila: Catullus's aesthetic terminology Flora S. Iff-Noël University of Florida Latin Poetry-Other
Washed in the Water: Dating Callimachus' Lock of Berenice Austin A. Hattori University of Cincinnati Greek Poetry-Other
Quantifying Suburbanization: A Reexamination of Population in and around imperial Tibur Matthew   Notarian Hiram College Archaeology and Art History
Reciprocity in Hades: the appearance of Theseus on stage in Euripides' Heracles Olga   Facciani University of California Santa Barbara Greek Drama
Similes Versus Analogies in Lucretius John   Ziolkowski George Washington University Latin Oratory & Rhetoric
Identifying Gladiator Burials: A Comparison of Possible Gladiator Cemeteries in York (England) and Ephesus (Turkey) Anastasia   Temkina University of South Florida Archaeology and Art History
Lucillius' Boxer Epigrams Emma N. Warhover University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Greek Poetry-Other
The Wrath of Achilles and the Trial of Ganelon: The Epic Tradition in the Song of Roland Emily   Youree University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Reception Studies
Modernizing Classics Education with Comics and Graphic Novels Chelsea R. Stolt University of Maryland Pedagogy-Classics
Light and Fire in Apuleius and Lewis' Retellings of Cupid and Psyche Claire   Davis University of Arizona Reception Studies
Cooking, Gender, and Hierarchy: A View from the Sea Kristine M. Trego Bucknell University Archaeology and Art History
Xanthias as a Prototype of the Servus Callidus in Aristophanes' Frogs Noah   Holt University of New Mexico Greek Drama
Aristotle and the Tragedies of Londo and G'Kar Connie L. Rodriguez Ben Franklin High School Reception Studies
Grotesque Bodies at the Symposium: Reading the Drinking Cup through a Bakhtinian Lens Lauren   Alberti University of New Mexico Archaeology and Art History
Speaking Up for Rome: How Rome's Talkative Matrons Serve the City and Save the Day Krishni   Burns University of Illinois Chicago Latin Historiography
Reevaluating a Sophoclean Source in a Propertian Death Pact Chandler   Kendall Brigham Young University Latin Poetry-Other
Eugippius and the Problem of His Rule: A New Approach Nicholas W. Mataya The Atonement Academy Classical Studies-Other
The Play of Emotion in Euripides' Helen Francis   Dunn University of Califormia Santa Barbara Greek Drama
History, not Epic and not the Princeps: The Oppian Law Debate as Livy's Response to Vergil and Augustus T Davina   McClain Louisiana Scholars' College at Northwestern State University Latin Historiography
Exegesis and Intellectual Authority: the Strange Case of Porphyry's Commentary on Ptolemy's Harmonics Matteo   Milesi University of Michigan Greek Prose Texts-Other
Hippolytus: A Tragedy of Human Amechania Cecilia   Cozzi University of Cincinnati Greek Drama
Weapons are People: Cognitive Metaphor and Volitional Actions in Homeric Epic Lorenzo F. Garcia Jr. University of New Mexico Greek Epic
From the Odyssey to Itaca per sempre to Ithaca Forever Thomas J. Sienkewicz Monmouth College Reception Studies
Publius Clodius Biaiothanatos: Cicero's Oratorical Necromancy in Pro Milone 79 Kirby   Schoephoerster Washington University St. Louis Latin Oratory & Rhetoric
I'm Not There: Cato the Younger in the Writings of Tacitus Thomas E. Strunk Xavier University Latin Historiography
Portraits of Metics: Rhetorical Representations of Metics in Athenian Forensic Oratory Ifigeneia   Giannadaki University of Florida Greek Oratory and Rhetoric
The Morality of Viewing and Verbalizing in Achilles Tatius and Lucian's Eikones Sara L. Hales-Brittain University of Iowa Greek Prose Texts-Other
Pherecrates and the Women of Lysistrata Amy S. Lewis University of Pennsylvania Greek Drama
Extracting Divine Favor by Interring the Dead: The Placement of Etruscan Necropoleis and Their Role within Sacred Landscapes Christina L. Monroe William & Mary Archaeology and Art History
Me, Myself, and I: Understanding Der Soziative Plural in the Preface to De Officiis III Through Cicero's Letters Dalton A. Sala Hillsdale College Language and Linguistics
Saga Poetica: Tibullus and the Metapoetics of Magic Michael   Main University of Arizona Latin Poetry-Other
The Reception of Cato Uticensis and the Confederate Lost Cause William J. Wasta Werner University of Richmond Reception Studies
Achilles Tatius' Leucippe and Clitophon in Passio Sanctorum Galactionis et Epistemes Ryan M. Baldwin University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Greek Novel
Ekphrasis and the Ontological Problem of Pastoral Yukai   Li Carleton University Greek Poetry-Other
The Other Theodosian Girl: Thermantia's Marriage Cristiana   Sogno Fordham University History-Roman
Kαίριος : Openings in Homer Keith   Dickson Purdue University Greek Epic
"I'm Only Sleeping"?: Medea's Sleep and Sleeplessness as a Gendered Paradox Lien   Van Geel Columbia University Latin Epic
Water, Food, Life, and Death in Euripides' Phoenissae Kristin O. Lord Wilfrid Laurier University Greek Drama
Finding a Way Through: of Walls, Corpses, and God in Lucan's Bellum Civile Christina E. Franzen Marshall University Latin Epic
Bringing Antiquity to Life with 3D Printing: A Pedagogical Approach Tedd A. Wimperis Elon University Pedagogy-Classics
Medea as Internal Poet in Apollonius' Argonautica 3 & 4 Caolán   Mac An Aircinn University of Texas at Austin Greek Epic
Women Turned Toward Women: Linguistic Reflections of Gender, Sex, and Agency in Plato's Symposium 191d-e Meghan C. ONeill Grand Valley State University Greek Prose Texts-Other
Tyranny and Tragedy in Vespasian's Healing Miracles: Tacitus' Histories 4.81.1 Holly   Haynes The College of New Jersey Latin Historiography
Pollution, Appeasement, and Ritual Murder: The Punishment of Unchaste Vestal Virgins Lauren W. Brown University of New Mexico Religion-Roman
The Labyrinth of War: The Troy Game and Military Deceit in Virgil's Aeneid Everett   Lang University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Latin Epic
Thucydides and the "Luck" of Pylos Jon   Manley Indiana University Greek Historiography
Cicero, Caesar, and the SCU of January 49 Jonathan   Zarecki University of North Carolina at Greensboro History-Roman
Trans-(En)gendering Aeneas' Shield: Male-Female Chiasmus through Narrative, Intertext, and Ekphrasis in Aeneid 8 Nandini B. Pandey University of Wisconsin-Madison Latin Epic
"A rare body, a quick mind, a high spirit": Cleopatra in Interwar Fiction. Gregory Neil Daugherty Randolph-Macon College Reception Studies
And Who is My Philos?: Redefining Friendship in Euripides' Orestes Rachel C. Morrison University of California Los Angeles Greek Drama
Magnus, Maior, Maximus: Degrees of Greatness on the Ides of January in Ovid's Fasti Timothy   Brannelly University of Virginia Latin Poetry-Other
Reading an Authentic Text Through a Modified Version in a Third Semester Latin Class Matthew D. Panciera Gustavus Adolphus College Pedagogy-Latin
Community Connections in the Ephesiaca Elizabeth   Deacon University of Colorado Boulder Greek Novel
Catullus, Caesar, and the Foundations of Roman Ideology Ellen   Greene University of Oklahoma Latin Poetry-Other
A Reappraisal of Catullus 2 and 3 Ashley K. Weed University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Latin Poetry-Other
Tiberius, Asinius Gallus, and the Floods of 15 CE Susan   Satterfield Rhodes College Religion-Roman
Anathema! An Experiment in Game-Based Learning Combining Assassin's Creed: Odyssey and Primary Texts in the 9th-grade Classroom Emily   Kratzer Bosque School Pedagogy-Classics
The Courage to Save the Republic: Fortitudo and Politics in Cicero's De Officiis Nicholas A. Rudman University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Latin Prose Texts-Other
Female Guardianship in New Comedy: Critiquing Patriarchal Households Hannah   Sorscher University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Latin Drama
Athena, Horses, and a Clay Impression at Ancient Corinth Aileen   Ajootian University of Mississippi Archaeology and Art History
Aristotle on Trusting the Teacher David   Crane Grand Valley State University Ancient Philosophy
Suspiciously Intertextual: Homer's "Double Cup" between the Iliad and Odyssey Justin   Arft University of Tennessee Greek Epic
Success and Failure in Cicero: The Case of Titus Albucius Andres   Matlock University of California Los Angeles Latin Prose Texts-Other
Rethinking How We Discuss the Ancient Interpretive Practice of Allegory: Aligning Current Conversations with Ancient Practices Andrew   Burrow Samford University Classical Studies-Other
The Dirt on Hector: Homicide Pollution in the Iliad Mark F. McClay University of Miami Religion-Greek
What is ὁ ἵππος ποτάμιος? Dominica   Rollins Case Western Reserve University Greek Historiography
Making a Stink in Roman Comedy Hans   Bork Stanford University Latin Drama
Insects, Poets, & Philosophers in Virgil's Georgics Mason   Johnson University of Wisconsin - Madison Latin Poetry-Other
The Fires of Promethean Meta-Reception in the Comics of Alan Moore David   Delbar University of Chicago Reception Studies
Locus suspectus: Landscape and the Uncanny in Ovid's Metamorphoses Miriam   Kamil Harvard University Latin Epic
History, Philosophy, and Mythology in Aeschylus's Persians Timothy   Wutrich Case Western Reserve University Greek Drama
"Euoi Saboi!": A New Look at the Cosa 'Snake-Vessels' Kayla C. Olson University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Archaeology and Art History
Jane Ellen Harrison and the Greek Chorus Laura K. McClure University of Wisconsin-Madison Reception Studies
Platonic Love for Persons Edith G. Nally University of Missouri-Kansas City Ancient Philosophy
Perseus with the Head of Medusa- A Medici Adaptation of Myth Sara   Myers University of Colorado-Boulder Reception Studies
Cicero and the Tyranny of the Tribunes Mik   Larsen California State University Long Beach History-Roman
Marriage and Violence in Euripides' Electra Michael   Fons University of Virginia Greek Drama
Exclusion Among the Olympians Luke   Gorton University of New Mexico Greek Poetry-Other
Chase the Hymn: Music and Magic in the PGM Hymn to Hermes Marleigh   Anderson Washington University in St. Louis Greek Poetry-Other
The paideia and the mercatores: Tracing Socio-Economic Determiners of Linguistic Education in Late Antique Roman Africa and Egypt Bradyn M. Debysingh Samford University Pedagogy-Classics
Realism and Reality: The Elegiac Epistolography of Sulpicia Sarah C. Keith University of Michigan Latin Poetry-Other
μεγίστην δόξαν ἔχοντες ἐν ἀστρολογίᾳ: Chaldaean Astronomy in Greek Authors Erica L. Meszaros Brown University Classical Studies-Other
Panhellenic Publicity in Epinician Poetry Sinja   Küppers Duke University Greek Poetry-Other
Of Dormice and Men: Women's Party Games at Ars Amatoria 3.749-69 E.Del   Chrol Marshall University Latin Poetry-Other
Unspeakable and Unspoken Things: Silences, Incest, Tyranny and Innocence in Oedipus Tyrannus Sophie   Mills University of North Carolina at Asheville Greek Drama
To Dilute or Not to Dilute: The Role of Pure Wine in Classical Greek Regimen Nadhira   Hill University of Michigan Classical Studies-Other
The Alleged Fallacy in Nicomachean Ethics I.2 Takashi   Oki Nagoya University Ancient Philosophy
Xenophon's Funeral Oration Mitchell H. Parks Knox College Greek Oratory and Rhetoric
Olympus Has Fallen: Gigantomachy and the Battle of Cannae in Silius Italicus' Punica Stephen E. Froedge University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign Latin Epic
Juvenal's Odysseus: The "Correct" Way to Satirize Stoics Maurice   Gonzales Texas Tech University Latin Satire
Melodies for the Syrinx: Longus' Musical Mixing and the Myth of Echo Ian B. McNeely Washington University St. Louis Greek Novel
Love and Other Gods: Catullan Theology and Subjectivity Nathan I. Smolin University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Latin Poetry-Other
Celebrating Isis:Egypt, Greece, and Rome in Apuleius' Metamorphoses 11 Vassiliki   Panoussi William & Mary Latin Novel
Problems of Verbal Aspect in New Testament Greek: The Perfect Participle Thomas   Francis University of Colorado Boulder Language and Linguistics
Reading Fifth-Century Athenian Drama Democratically Peter   Burian Duke University Greek Drama
Bee-Poets and Bee-Philosophers: Plutarch on the Pleasures of Rhetoric Rebecca   Moorman University of Wisconsin-Madison Greek Prose Texts-Other
Cato and Sallust: The Narrative of Corruption and the Narrative of Decline Marshall C. Buchanan University of Michigan Latin Historiography
Reading Latin/Greek in Civilization Courses Ariana   Traill University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Pedagogy-Classics
The Diseased Body and Male Civic Identity: A Kristevan Reading of Thucydides' Plague Narrative India W. Nattermann University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Greek Historiography
The Use of Caesar in the First Triad of Tacitus' Annales David G. Welch University of Texas at Austin Latin Historiography
The Fall of the Four Hundred George   Pesely Austin Peay State University History-Greek
Minding Your P and Q: More than One Homer? James H. Dee Austin TX Greek Epic
The Patron, the Brick Baker, and the Lead Pipe Maker: Women in the Bath Construction Industry of Central Italy Allison E. Smith Florida State University Archaeology and Art History
An Early Female Reader at Home: New Evidence from a Red-Figure Krater An   Jiang Emory University Archaeology and Art History
An Early Female Reader at Home: New Evidence from a Red-Figure Krater Niall W. Slater Emory University Archaeology and Art History
πέλει in the First Stasimon of Sophocles' Antigone Deborah   Beck University of Texas at Austin Greek Drama
Art Imitates Art: How Augustus Uses the Prima Porta Statue, Ara Pacis, and Res Gestae to Characterize Himself Katherine J. Johnson University of Colorado Boulder Classical Studies-Other
Livy's "Civil Wars" Andrea   Pittard University of Texas at Austin Latin Historiography
Ears, Artifice, and Hephaestus' Automatons in Iliad 18 Ben A. Radcliffe California State University, Long Beach Greek Epic
Oedipus, King of Thebes (Egypt): Re-Orientations by Egyptian Arabic Playwrights John H. Starks, Jr. State University of New York at Binghamton, Reception Studies
Re-examination and Contextualization of Late Roman Jewish Finds Found on the Island of Lipari, Italy Valerie   Long University at Buffalo Archaeology and Art History
Tacitus, Tiberius, and Statues of the Augustus: Language of Statues and Questions about Cult Claire   McGraw Monmouth College History-Roman
Divine Vision: Ekphrasis in Vida's Christiad Alex   Koenig University of Georgia Latin Epic
What Quintilian Wants Plato to Want: A Reading of the Gorgias in Institutio 2.15 Mary Rosalie   Stoner University of Chicago Latin Oratory & Rhetoric
Being an Ass: Embodied Identity vs. Internal Self in Apuleius' Metamorphoses Ky   Merkley University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Latin Novel
False Forms and Wicked Women: Apuleius' Isis Book and Ovid's Iphis Story Sarah H. Eisenlohr University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Latin Novel
The Crisis of the Third Century as seen through the Planning and Energetics of the Aurelian Wall Luke   Munson University of Arizona Archaeology and Art History
Scapegoat Ritual and Aristophanes' Wealth Brian V. Credo University of Pennsylvania Greek Drama
Bergson's Quid Aristoteles de loco Senserit: An English Translation and Commentary Cameron   Bassiri American University Ancient Philosophy
Bergson's Quid Aristoteles de loco Senserit: An English Translation and Commentary Garrett   Dome Tufts University Ancient Philosophy
Late in the Day :Elegaic Overtones in Vergil's Corycian Farmer Elizabeth A. Manwell Kalamazoo College Latin Poetry-Other
Deductive Colonies and Double Communities in Post-Social War Italy McKenzie   Lewis University of Waterloo History-Roman
A Fisco Petit: The Alienation of State Property in the Roman Empire Luke W. Hagemann Emory University History-Roman
Fidissima coniunx? Generic Instability in Pont. 1.4 Joy E. Reeber University of Arkansas Latin Poetry-Other
The Power of Procession: The Internal Reconstitution of Athenian Public Spaces Samantha   Richter University of Arizona Archaeology and Art History
The Emperors' New Games: An Examination of Imperial Interest in Greek Athletics Jessica   Tilley Florida State University Archaeology and Art History
The Oresteia Theme in Early Greek Epic, Lyric and Tragedy Anna   Stelow University of Virginia Greek Epic
Pro Balbo, viro forti Kenneth   Elliott University of Iowa Latin Oratory & Rhetoric
Dido the Seer Chad M. Uhl University of Kansas Latin Epic
The Laureolus Mime Anne   Duncan University of Nebraska-Lincoln Latin Drama
Manipulating Cleopatra in Propertius 3.11 Allen A. Kendall University of Michigan Latin Poetry-Other
Tarchon's Speech and Etruscan Ethnic Stereotypes in Vergil's Aeneid John B. Beeby University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Latin Epic
Manichaeism and Lurianic Kabbalah: An Unlikely Pair Michelle   Yancich University of Georgia Classical Studies-Other
Adultery and Roman Identity in Horace's Satires Kelly   Powers Florida State University Latin Satire
The Liturgical Rehabilitation of the Body and Poetry in Plato's Timaeus, Ion, and Republic Caleb M. Speakman University of Arizona Ancient Philosophy
Finding Empathy for Phaedra in Roman Wall Paintings Abigail D. Lunsford Independent Scholar Archaeology and Art History
The Greatest in Human Memory: Reevaluating the Lydia Earthquake Maxwell J. Shiller Valparaiso University History-Roman
Status Hierarchies of Color in the Early Roman Empire David B. Wharton University of North Carolina at Greensboro Language and Linguistics
Beyond Perception: A New Taxonomy for Invisibility Narratives Richard   Phillips Virginia Tech Religion-Roman
Copa's urbana and bucolic Arcadia Marina   Cavichiolo Grochocki University of Wisconsin-Madison Latin Poetry-Other
Cicero's Athenian Days: Intellectual Rivalry through Study Abroad Ximing   Lu University of Wisconsin-Madison Latin Prose Texts-Other
Virgil's Avian Poetics: Reading a Hesiodic Allusion in Eclogue 9 Samuel   Hahn University of Colorado Boulder Latin Poetry-Other
Emerald and Gold: Polycrates' Ring in Asclepiades AP 12.163 Patricia   Weidler Florida State University Greek Poetry-Other
Politics in the Ajax Michael   Shaw University of Kansas Greek Drama
Classical Receptions as Autobiographic Subtext in Ego-Documents and Commonplace Books of the Founding Generation Barbara L. Melton Emory University Reception Studies
Jupiter as Depicted in Jacques Offenbach's Orpheus in the Underworld (1858 & 1874) and Richard Strauss's The Love of Danae (1940). Robyn M. Rocklein Ringling College of Art and Design Reception Studies
Diogenes of Sinope and the Currency of Happiness Susan H. Prince University of Cincinnati Ancient Philosophy
Book-rolls on the Bema: Aristophanes' Birds and the Papyrology of the Athenian Assembly. John P. Aldrup-MacDonald Duke University Epigraphy & Papyrology
Finding the Crustula in Comedy: What Ancient Comedy Can Teach Teachers Emma   Schneider Texas Tech University Pedagogy-Classics
Stilicho: Barbarian Blood in a Roman Heart Hannah N. Phelps Houston Baptist University History-Roman
Rape, Prayer, and Recompense in the Caenis Episode of Ovid's Metamorphoses Megan E. Bowen University of Montana Latin Epic
The Atrium-House in Attica: A Roman Architectural Form in the Greek World Elise M. Poppen University at Buffalo Archaeology and Art History
φίλῳ δὲ ὄντι ἐξαπατᾶν αἴσχιον: Xenophon's Friendly Deceptions William J. Stover University of Virginia Greek Prose Texts-Other
Urban Development in Umbria: How Roman Hegemony Eroded Etruscan Influence Gabriel J. Martinez University of Arizona Archaeology and Art History
Petronius, Poetry, and Rape: Satyrica 126.18 Debra   Freas Hamilton College Latin Novel
Male Belligerence and Female Pacificism: Homer's and Euripides' Trojan Women and Ovid's Sabine Women (Fast. 3.167-234) Sergios   Paschalis Harvard University Latin Poetry-Other
Medea's Platonic "Soul in the Clouds" (Arg. 3.1150-54) Andrew C. Ficklin University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Greek Epic
A Secondary School Model for Learning Management Systems in Enhancing Successful Latin Translation. Elizabeth I. Thomas Walnut Hills High School Pedagogy-Latin
Phaedrus's Optimism Kristin   Mann DePauw University Latin Poetry-Other
Mycenaean "Peak Sanctuaries" on the Late Bronze Age Greek Mainland Jami R. Baxley Florida State University Archaeology and Art History
Making Genres Meet: An Examination of Character Movement in Argonautica 3 Nicholas R. Bolig University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Greek Epic
Leading from Within: Choral Incorporation in the Homeric Hymn to Apollo Amy N. Hendricks University of Wisconsin-Madison Greek Poetry-Other
A Study of Deified Roman Emperors' Titles in Literature and Inscriptions Richard G. Wood University of Alabama Religion-Roman
From the Mouths of Slaves: Slave-Speech and Sympathy in Euripidean Tragedy Kate   Melberg University of Wisconsin-Madison Greek Drama
Solon and his πόλις: The Afterlife of an Archaic Personage in Late Democratic Athens Xinyi   Huang Texas Tech University History-Greek
Ad Usum Delphini: A New Book Series for High School Latin Students Nancy A. Vander Veer Marymount School of New York Pedagogy-Latin
Ad Usum Delphini: A New Book Series for High School Latin Students Marco   Romani Mistretta The Paideia Institute Pedagogy-Latin
Thematic Emptiness and Atemporality in Herodotus Book 4 Michael R. Matthews University of California Los Angeles History-Greek
The Stage as a "Justice" Space: Re-visiting the Case of Medea in Peter McGarry's Medea (2002). Anastasia   Pantazopoulou University of Florida Reception Studies
The Ethics of Empire in Xenophon's Continuation of Thucydides Andrew T. Alwine College of Charleston Greek Historiography
Misrepresentation and Metatheatre in Terence's Andria Mary Claire   La Velle University of Wisconsin-Madison Latin Drama
The Echo of Μῆνις: Contrasting the Wrath of Achilles and the Anger of Poseidon Elise   Larres University of Arizona Greek Epic
Flipping an Elementary Latin Program: Rationale, Reactions, and Results Christine L. Albright University of Georgia Pedagogy-Latin
Impurity and Danger: Civil War Pollution in the Epodes and Odes of Horace Jovan   Cvjetičanin University of Virginia Latin Poetry-Other
Dead Men Do Tell Tales: Spendius, Mathos, and Autaritus and the Punic Army Vaughn H. Fenton University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign Classical Studies-Other
Cold War Basileus: Alexander as Allegory in Moore's Watchmen Rose C. Looby University of New Mexico Reception Studies
Apt Pupil: The Magian Miseducation of Nero Trevor S. Luke Florida State University Latin Historiography
The Out-of-the-Way Novels of Petronius and Lewis Carroll Victoria R. Burmeister Boston University Latin Novel
(Wo)Man in the Mirror: : Reexamining the Gender of Etruscan Mirror Users Within their Tomb Contexts Jennifer   Weigel Florida State University Archaeology and Art History
The Novella of Heliodorus' Calasiris Jean   Alvares Montclair State University Greek Novel
Something Funny in the Midst of Acheron: Callimachus on the Soul in Iambus 1 Ekaterina   But The Ohio State University Greek Poetry-Other
Reading Perpetua's Passions through the Lens of Immersion Aldo   Tagliabue University of Notre Dame Latin Prose Texts-Other
The IMPetuous Sea: Storm and Sea Imagery in Ovid's Tristia 1.2 and Pliny's Epistulae 2.17 Victoria   Hodges Rutgers University Latin Poetry-Other
Some Words about Cassandra's Falsehood-infused Words (Lyc. Alex. 1454-58): Veracity, Medicine, and Genre Kathleen   Kidder University of Houston Greek Poetry-Other
My "Unmanly" Lament: Gender and the Lament in Xenophon of Ephesus Nicholas   Nelson University of Arizona Greek Novel
Structure and Theme in Poseidon's Intervention in the Iliadic Battle Narrative Jonathan   Fenno University of Mississippi Greek Epic
ὃ νῦν ποιεῖς: Target and Textuality in Lucian's Ignorant Book Collector Nathaniel F. Solley University of Pennsylvania Greek Prose Texts-Other
Martial's Allusive Clay Tableware in Epigrams 8.6 and 14.108 Emma   Brobeck University of Washington Latin Poetry-Other
Poetic Difficulty in the Gemini Myth of Fasti 5 Rachel   Dzugan University of Colorado Boulder Latin Poetry-Other
An Ancient Character in Modern Media: Cleopatra's Legacy in Cleopatra and Assassin's Creed: Origins Rose M. Milnes University of Georgia Classical Studies-Other
Modern Stoicism as Modern Therapy Albert T. Watanabe Louisiana State University Reception Studies
A Convergence of Character: Ajax as Themistocles (and vice versa) in the Greek Imagination Gregory   Jones Independent Scholar Greek Poetry-Other
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