CAMWS 2021 Annual (Virtual) Meeting Information

Welcome to the 117th Annual (Virtual) Meeting of CAMWS - April 7-10, 2021

The 117th Annual Meeting of the Classical Association of the Middle West and South will be held virtually via Zoom Wednesday-Saturday, April 7-10, 2021, at the virtual invitation of Case Western Reserve University in the beautiful virtual city of Cleveland.  While we will not get to visit the actual city and the actual campus in 2021, we do plan to hold a future meeting in this wonderful place and we are grateful for the work of the Local Committee.

All technical/Zoom questions should be directed to 

The Program // Meeting at a Glance // Access to Recordings of the Sessions


CAMWS Code of Conduct: All attendees are expected to abide by our Code of Conduct. 

THE FUNDRAISING AUCTION FOR THE NEW CAMWS FAUCI AWARD raised $1457.01!  (Read more about the award here)

The EXHIBIT HALL will remain open until May 15th.

Honoring CAMWS Authors 2016-2021.

Registering for the Virtual Meeting: CAMWS members can now register for the meeting. Members must be registered by 8AM to be admitted to the lectures of that day.