Editor of the Classical Journal



The Editor of The Classical Journal (CJ) is responsible for appointing an editorial board and publishing four issues of the journal annually.


The Editor shall be recommended by the Executive Commttee for a term normally of five years and renewable only once, subject to election by the membership at the next annual Business Meeting.


The Editor is an ex-officio member of the CAMWS Executive Committee (Charter: https://camws.org/exec-com-charter). Most of the business of the Executive Committee is conducted on line and all members are expected to participate fully in electronic conversations about issues and to cast votes promptly. The Executive Committee also traditionally meets on the Wednesday preceding the annual meeting. The editor is also an ex-officio member of the Publications Sub-Committee of the Executive Committee (Charter: https://camws.org/pub-com-charter).   


The CJ Editor is expected to attend the annual meeting and give reports at the EC meeting on Wednesday evening and at the annual Business Meeting on Saturday.


Duties of the Editor of The Classical Journal

  1. Process articles and correspond with authors (ca 80 submissions a year for CJ)
  2. Maintain a review schedule of 8-12 weeks per submission; correspond with reviewers and send reminders
  3. Prepare four journal issues (due to the Press on the 15th of September, November, January, March)
  4. Work with Editorial Board to identify potential reviewers for submissionsW
  5. ork with Forum editor on submissions
  6. Work with CJ Book Review editor on book reviews to be published in print
  7. Work with Research Assistant on copyediting, website updates
  8. Work with photo specialist on cover picture each summer (same cover, different colors for each issue per year)Participate in the Journal Editors’ Happy Hour at SCS meeting in January