Editor of the CAMWS Newsletter


The Editor oversees publishes three issues of the CAMWS Newsletter annually: Fall (late October / early November), Winter (late January), and Spring / Summer (typically early-mid May). The exact dates are flexible to accommodate the varying dates of the CAMWS annual and CAMWS-SS bi-annual meetings.

The CAMWS Newsletter is distributed primarily in digital format via HTML email and secondarily in print format via a PDF printed at the CAMWS office. The job requires the following skills and/or experience.

  • Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • Familiarity with desktop publishing features of Microsoft Word or with more specialized desktop publishing software
  • Prior experience with digital record management or with a CMS such at Wordpress.
  • Prior experience with ConstantContact or MailChimp would be advantageous

The Editor of the CAMWS Newsletter shall be appointed  by the President for a term of three years, renewable, and subject to annual review by the Executive Committee.

The Editor is an ex-officio member of the CAMWS Executive Committee (http://camws.org/exec-com-charter) and of its Subcommittee on Publications (Charter: https://camws.org/pub-com-charter). Most of the business of the Executive Committee is conducted on line and all members are expected to participate fully in electronic conversations about issues and to cast votes promptly.

The Editor is expected to attend the annual meeting, submit a written report prior to the EC meeting on Wednesday evening, attend the EC meeting, and give a report to the membership at the annual Business Meeting on Saturday.

General Responsibilities of the Editor: 

  1. Gather CAMWS news and news from the Classical world
  2. Publish the newsletter three times per year in both electronic and print form.
  3. Send the electronic newsletter to the current membership via an appropriate means.Pr
  4. Povide the CAMWS office with a color print version for circulation via ground mail.

Additional Per-Issue Responsibilities of the Editor

  1. Gather and publish reports from CAMWS Award winners and CPL funding recipients (see individual award pages for detailed expectations). Award reports typically appear in the Fall issue, CPL recipients throughout the year.
  2. Remind regular contributors (President, Secretary-Treasurer, CJ Editor, TCL Editor) of upcoming due dates.
  3. Gather material from the CAMWS website for republication.
    1. Award information for the upcoming year appear in the Fall.
    2. A preview of the annual meeting appears in the Winter
    3. A retrospective of the Annual Meeting along with a complete list of award winners for the year appears in the Spring/Summer issue.
  4. Answer email inquiries as necessary.
  5. Ensure that submissions conform to editorial policy (see the newsletter page for current version).
  6. Layout email version. Prior editions of each issue can serve as a starting point for content.
  7. Send draft to Secretary-Treasurer for review prior to final delivery.