Manson A. Stewart Teacher Training Award

Teacher Training Awards: Designed to provide some financial assistance to those who wish to obtain certification to teach Latin at the primary through the secondary level, whether the specific courses are needed in Latin or in Education. The award is not intended to cover all costs of the training, and the size of the award varies according to the actual costs (primarily tuition and travel), the size of the committee's budget, and the number of applications. Previous awards have been as high as $2050. Applicants must be current CAMWS members.

Note that CAMWS also provides there other grants and awards for teachers:
Travel Awards to attend CAMWS meetings
CAMWS New Teacher Awards.

To apply for a Teacher Training Award, please fill out this on-line application. Deadline for receipt of applications is January 30, 2019.

Congratulations to the recipients of Manson Stewart Teacher Training Awards for 2017-2018: 

  • Rebecca Pomeroy (University of Massachusetts)
  • Abby L. Lease (St. Ambrose Academy)
  • Micheal A Posey (The Episcopal School of Baton Rouge)

Previous Recipients

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Subcommittee On The Stewart Training And Travel Awards

For questions about this award, please contact the chair of the Subcommmittee for the Manson A. Stewart Teacher Training and Travel Awards, at