Brief History of CAMWS

The Classical Association of the Middle West and South was founded in 1905 as the first regional classical organization in the USA. It immediately began publication of The Classical Journal, which became only the second classical journal (excluding annuals) in the country. Twenty-two states belonged at the beginning; there are now thirty-two states and three Canadian provinces. The Association is much the largest of all regional groups; membership is open to anyone with classical interests, regardless of place of residence.

The Classical Association of the Middle West and South. The First Eighty Years by Herbert Benario (Greenville, S.C.: CAMWS, 1989) is available here in pdf format. An update covering the ninth decade appeared in CJ 91 (1995-96) 309-17 and is available here electronically. A history of the years 1990-2004, entitled "The Last Score of Years," by Herbert W. Benario, appears in the program for the Centennial meeting (2004).

A list of CAMWS Presidents is available here.

A list of CAMWS Secretary-Treasurers is available here.

A list of CAMWS Orators is available here.

A necrology of CAMWS members is available here.

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CAMWS Presidents

William G. Manly 1905-06 University of Missouri
Moses S. Slaughter 1906-07 University of Wisconsin
Edward Capps 1907-08 University of Chicago
Arthur T. Walker 1908-09 University of Kansas
Frederick C. Eastman 1909-10 University of Iowa
Benjamin L. D'Ooge 1910-11 Michigan State Normal College
Walter Miller 1911-12 Tulane University
Grove E. Barber 1912-13 University of Nebraska
Theodore C. Burgess 1913-14 Bradley Polytechnic Institute
James H. Kirkland 1914-15 Vanderbilt University
Herbert J. Barton 1915-16 University of Illinois
John A. Scott 1916-17 Northwestern University
Charles A. Smiley 1917-18 Grinnell College
Campbell Bonner 1918-19 University of Michigan
Gordon J. Laing 1919-20 University of Chicago
Robert B. Steele 1920-21 Vanderbilt University
Charles H. Weller 1921-22 University of Iowa
Louis E. Lord 1922-23 Oberlin College
Berthold L. Ullman 1923-24 University of Iowa
Alexander L. Bondurant 1924-25 University of Mississippi
Frank J. Miller 1925-26 University of Chicago
Selatie E. Stout 1926-27 Indiana University
Charles E. Little 1927-28 Peabody College for Teachers
Robert J. Bonner 1928-29 University of Chicago
William J. Battle 1929-30 University of Texas
Omera F. (Floyd) Long 1930-31 Northwestern University
Lillian Gay Berry 1931-32 ndiana University
Roy C. Flickinger 1932-33 University of Iowa
Gustave A. Harrer 1933-34 University of North Carolina
Frederick W. Shipley 1934-35 Washington University
Victor D. Hill 1935-36 Ohio University
Charles C. Mierow 1936-37 Carleton College
Hubert M. Poteat 1937-38 Wake Forest College
Norman W. DeWitt 1938-39 University of Toronto
Alfred P. Dorjahn 1939-40 Northwestern University
Gertrude Smith 1940-41 University of Chicago
Edward K. Turner 1941-42 Emory University
Fred S. Dunham 1942-43 University of Michigan
Clyde Pharr 1943-44 Vanderbilt University
Walter R. Agard 1944-45 University of Wisconsin
Eugene Tavenner 1945-46 Washington University
Clyde Murley 1946-47 Northwestern University
Dorrance S. White 1947-48 University of Iowa
A. Pelzer Wagener 1948-49 College of William and Mary
Mary V. Bragington 1949-50 Rockford College
Clarence A. Forbes 1950-51 Ohio State University
William C. Korfmacher 1951-52 St. Louis University
Russel M. Geer 1952-53 Tulane University
William E. Gwatkin 1953-54 University of Missouri
Arthur H. Moser 1954-55 University of Tennessee
Gerald Else 1955-56 University of Iowa
Norman J. DeWitt 1956-57 Universityof Minnesota
Harry J. Leon 1957-58 University of Texas
Oscar E. Nybakken 1958-59 University of Iowa
Graydon W. Regenos 1959-60 Tulane University
John N. Hough 1960-61 University of Colorado
Bert H. Narveson 1961-62 St. Olaf College
Chauncey E. Finch 1962-63 St. Louis University
Phillip H. De Lacy 1963-64 Northwestern University
Norman T. Pratt 1964-65 Indiana University
Henry C. Montgomery 1965-66 Miami University
William H. Willis 1966-67 Duke University
Francis L. Newton 1967-68 Duke University
Roger A. Hornsby 1968-69 University of Iowa
Paul L. MacKendrick 1969-70 University of Wisconsin
Arthur F. Stocker 1970-71 University of Virginia
Herbert W. Benario 1971-72 Emory University
Alexander G. McKay 1972-73 McMaster University
Paul R. Murphy 1973-74 Ohio University
James W. Alexander 1974-75 University of Georgia
Kenneth J. Reckford 1975-76 University of North Carolina
Laura V. Sumner 1976-77 Mary Washington College
Charles L. Babcock 1977-78 Ohio State University
Lynette Thompson 1978-79 Florida State University
Harry C. Rutledge 1979-80 University of Tennessee
G. Karl Galinsky 1980-81 University of Texas
Mark P. O. Morford 1981-82 Ohio State University
Anna Lydia Motto 1982-83 University of South Florida
Susan Ford Wiltshire 1983-84 Vanderbilt University
Eleanor G. Huzar 1984-85 Michigan State University
Gareth L. Schmeling 1985-86 University of Florida
Theodore A. Tarkow 1986-87 University of Missouri
Ernst A. Fredricksmeyer     1987-88 University of Colorado
Ward W. Briggs 1988-89 University of South Carolina
David F. Bright 1989-90, First Half Emory University
Michael Gagarin 1989-90, Second Half University of Texas Austin
Kenneth F. Kitchell, Jr. 1990-91 Louisiana State University
Joy K. King 1991-92 University of Colorado
Karelisa V. Hartigan 1992-93 University of Florida
Roy E. Lindahl 1993-94, First Half Furman University
Kathryn A. Thomas
Kathryn A. Thomas
1993-94, Second Half 
Creighton University
Creighton University                              
William H. Race 1995-96 University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Helena Dettmer 1996-97 University of Iowa
John F. Hall 1997-98 Brigham Young University
James M. May 1998-99 St. Olaf College
John F. Miller 1999-00 University of Virginia
Christopher P. Craig 2000-01 University of Tennessee
James S. Ruebel 2001-02 Ball State University
Niall W. Slater 2002-03 Emory University
Jenny Strauss Clay 2003-04 University of Virginia
Jeffrey L. Buller 2004-05 Mary Baldwin College
Susan D. Martin 2005-06 University of Tennessee
Marilyn B. Skinner 2006-07 University of Arizona
Gregory N. Daugherty 2007-08 Randolph-Macon College
Robert W. Ulery, Jr. 2008-09 Wake Forest University
Michele Valerie Ronnick 2009-10 Wayne State University
David W. Tandy 2010-11 University of Tennessee
Julia D. Hejduk 2011-12 Baylor University
Peter E. Knox 2012-13 University of Colorado
Monica S. Cyrino 2013-14 University of New Mexico
Ruth Scodel 2014-15 University of Michigan
Antony Augoustakis 2015-16 University of Illinois
Alden Smith 2016-17 Baylor University
Laura McClure 2017-18 University of Wisconsin
Andrew Faulkner 2018-19 University of Waterloo
Anne H. Groton 2019-20 St. Olaf College
David Schenker 2020-21 University of Missouri
Hunter Gardner 2021-22 University of South Carolina

CAMWS Secretary-Treasurers

Benjamin L. D'Ooge, Michigan State Normal College, 1905-08

Theodore C. Burgess, Bradley Polytechnic Institute, 1908-11

Herbert J. Barton, University of Illinois, 1911-15

Louis E. Lord, Oberlin College, 1915-20

Rollin H. Tanner, Denison University, 1920-23

Wilbert L. Carr, Oberlin College; later, University of Michigan, 1923-30

John O. Lofberg, Oberlin College, 1930-32

Fred S. Dunham, University of Michigan, 1932-42

Norman J. DeWitt, Washington University, 1942-45

William C. Korfmacher, St. Louis University, 1945-51

John N. Hough, University of Colorado, 1951-59

Paul R. Murphy, Ohio University, 1959-69

Galen O. Rowe, University of Pittsburgh and University of Iowa, 1969-71

Robert A. Tucker, University of Georgia, 1971-73

W. W. de Grummond, Florida State University, 1973-75

Gareth L. Schmeling, University of Florida, 1975-81

Roy E. Lindahl, Jr., Furman University, 1981-1990

John F. Hall, Brigham Young University, 1990-1996

Gregory Daugherty, Randolph Macon College, 1995-2004

Anne H. Groton, St. Olaf College, 2004-12

Thomas J. Sienkewicz, Monmouth College, 2012-2020

T. Davina McClain, Northwestern State University 2020-present